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Academic Offences
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There are 2 types of academic offences that you need to be aware of, examination and coursework offences.

  • Examination:
    Examples of an examination offence may be, taking a mobile phone into an exam with you; concealing notes in an exam etc.
  • Coursework:
    A coursework offence usually revolves around plagiarism; this can include colluding with another person, poor referencing or blatant copying.

If you are accused of either of these offences you will receive a letter (usually via email) from the University.
Follow our quick crib list for what do when you get your letter:

  1. Seek advice from the Advice Team as soon as possible; We are independent from the University so we will give you unbiased advice.
  2. You will have to choose whether to contest or accept the allegation put before you, either way you should prepare a statement detailing what happened and providing any evidence which may help to mitigate your circumstances.
  3. You will have to decide within 10 working days whether to accept or contest the allegation.
  4. If you accept the allegation then the matter will be dealt with via correspondence, if you contest it then you will be invited to a committee of investigation. You can take someone with you to this meeting, this can be a friend or someone from the Students’ Union Advice Centre.
  5. The decision of the investigation will be sent to you in a letter, if you disagree with the outcome and wish to appeal then you have 10 days in which to do this. We would strongly encourage you to seek advice from the Advice Team on this process.

View details of Academic, Examination Offences:

Download a copy of the appeal proforma:



Last updated May 2022