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Students have spending power. With an average individual spend of over £6,500 per year they form a lucrative market and one that is notoriously difficult to penetrate with so many organisations chasing their custom. With over 21,000 students, the 9th largest student body in the UK, we are in a unique position to engage with University of Plymouth students. We will work with you to fine tune your messages with our expertise and together, we'll create a package that will support you to achieve your marketing objectives.


Often living away from home for the first time, students have to make choices on which brands to purchase, consume and give their loyalty to. This is why attracting them to your product or service has real potential to generate a long-term engagement - it's about having the opportunity to create a sustainable relationship with the student market.If you are looking for something more bespoke or that we haven't listed, then please contact us.

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