Elected Executive Officers

Lowri Jones
Philippa Williams
VP Sports
Dave Bertelli
VP International
Steph Wearne
VP Education
Jess Vagg
VP Activities
Chloe Mills
VP Welfare
Heroes #WalkaboutWednesday
7th December 10pm - 3am
The official Wednesday night party at Walkabout, this night supports our sports clubs and societies.
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Festive Market
8th December 10:30am - 4pm
The SU Roof
Our annual Festive Market is back, hosted on campus on the SU roof
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8th December 6pm - 7pm
The SU
The most important meeting of the year for Plymouth University students at UPSU.
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Curry and a Pint Night
8th December 8pm - 10pm
Curry and a pint for just £4.95
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