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SU Buddy Scheme

Join our buddy scheme as a buddy or a participant to help make a difference to others.
Buddy scheme webpage

Raise and Give

Raise and Give (RAG) is the main student fundraising group on campus. We have a committee of passionate student volunteers who help to organise fundraising events and opportunities for the students of the University of Plymouth. Events, Adventures, Collaboration.
RAG webpage

Student Led Volunteering

Student Led Volunteering is exactly that - volunteering projects and events which are organised and led by students with your lifestyle in mind. They offer a diverse range of one off volunteering opportunities open to all throughout the academic year.
SLV webpage

Make a Smile

Make a Smile is a national charity constisting of student led volunteering groups. Here at Make a Smile Plymouth we aim to bring joy to children disadvantaged by thier circumstance (hospitalised, disabled, children with learning disabilities etc). We visit them dressed as thier favourite characters and aim to make them smile.
Make a Smile webpage

Give back, develop and make a difference

Be part of something bigger than yourself. Give back to your local community. Make a difference to someone's life. Overcome your fears, boost your confidence, gain new skills and enhance your career by volunteering.

From spending your summer volunteering abroad to a working as a support worker, volunteering comes in all shapes and sizes. Not only does offering your time to a good cause help people who need it most, but volunteering will also allow you to acquire new skills, boost your CV, and even get you some extra qualifications.

Your SU collaborates with charities and organisations so that you can be more than just your degree and develop so much more. We have opportunities to suit the your lifestyle and if you don't find one you like please get in touch and we will do our best!

We continuously ensure that all of the charities and organisations we work with respect the regulations and you can make the most out of the opportunity in a safe environment. Any time you need help or you have any issues e-mail us or come and see us in the SU.

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