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About Us

RAG stands for Raise and Give. We are a student fundraising group here at the University! If you have any questions or ideas for us, please let us know! 


Our membership is free and gives you access to all of our socials and events, as well as information about volunteering and fundraising opportunities throughout the year!


RAG picks out fun and exciting adventures every year, available for all students to sign up for. This year we have partnered with Choose a Challenge to offer some amazing adventures for charities close to our hearts. If you want to take part in the experience of a lifetime, check out our adventures below and get started!

2021-22 Challenges 

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Want More Information?

Reach out to Tove via Instagram, Facebook or


Raise and Give hosts a range of events throughout the year. The profits raised from the events are divided equally between our 'Chosen Charities' as a donation. 


Following pitch-days, charities are short-listed by the committee into three election pots which are then eligible to be voted on by the entire student body. The selected 'Chosen Charities' is the charity with a majority vote from each of the election pots. This year we have rolled over our 2020-21 student-elected charities to increase our impact following COVID-19 on the charities close to our student's hearts which are: 


Want More Information?

If you have any ideas or want further information on events or events related volunteering opportunities, please reach out to Freya, our Vice-President Events, via Instagram, Facebook or



Lily Ayling, our Social Secretary will be hosting a range of drinking and non-drinking socials suitable for everyone!

Want More Information?

Reach out to Lily via Instagram, Facebook or

Thank you 

Thank you to Swaz for proving us with committee hoodies and t-shirts, and discounted RAG merchandise. 

Sponsorship and Partnership

Are you a society, sports club or business? 

Are you looking to support us to ensure we can continue to aid student fundraising and volunteering? Or, Is there an event you would like to collaborate on? 

We are keen to hear about any partnership or sponsorship opportunities so please reach out to Tove, our President via


Check back soon for more events!



Adventures Assistant
Liane Smith
Challenge Leaders
Emma Butler
Leah Gray
Chloe Perrett
Events Assistant
Lucie Doumeng
Lucie Doumeng
Health and Safety Officer
Liane Smith
Tove-Kjerstin Vea
Karen Doyle
Social Secretary
Lily Ayling
Maria Michael
Vice-President Adventures
Tove-Kjerstin Vea
Vice-President Events
Freya Pretty