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The Student Advice Centre is continuing to work to support our students throughout this unprecedented and difficult situation.

If you are in need of advice we would ask that you first consult our website content. We have a large amount of information available here and many issues can be resolved in this way, however, If you require further assistance you should email

For questions directly relating to the coronavirus you should check the University website These pages are being updated regularly.


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There are currently no upcoming events, please check back later

Free independent advice

We are here to support you through your time at University, we provide free advice on a range of issues. As a member of the Students' Union, you have free access to an advice centre that can support you with a variety of issues.

Our Advice Centre is located on the first floor of the Students' Union building directly across from the Library entrance. Our team of friendly advisors have experience in dealing with all types of student enquiries so you can rest assured that you will get the right information.

The Advice Centre office is closed but we are still accessible via email


We are independent of the University

Most importantly the Advice Centre is not part of the University, we can, therefore, provide free, independent and confidential advice, so you can talk to us in confidence, knowing that nothing will be shared with anyone if you don’t want it to be.