Student Finance

We know that student finance can be tricky to navigate, at the SU we can help you get the best out of Student Finance England. 

If you are a UK or EU resident, you may be able to apply for loans that will help you pay tuition and maintenance costs.

These include:

Tuition Fees Loan

Student Finance England offers loans to home and EU undergraduate students. You will not need to start re-paying these loans until you are earning over £26,575 a year. 

Maintenance Loan

You can also apply for a maintenance loan to cover living expenses. The size of this loan depends on whether you plan to live at home, and your family’s income. The calculator on the website will help you estimate how much you could receive.

There can also be additional funding for those in receipt of means tested benefits.

More Information regarding Student Finance England - How You Are Assessed and Paid - Guide 2021 can be found at:
Student Finance England - How You Are Assessed and Paid - Guide 2021



*QI have applied for SFE funding but dont think I am receiving the correct amouth of ML. What should I do?

*ASFE will pay students a minimum amount known as the "non means tested" Maintenance Loan. Students with independent status will receive the full "means tested" Maintenance Loan. Dependent students will need to provide SFE with details of their household income for a previous tax year to qualify for the "means tested" Maintenance Loan. Usually this forms part of the application process, but you can apply later by completing a PFF2 form.

*QI have had a change in circumstances what should I do?

*AYou may be able to change your application on your SFE on-line account if you have not already started your course. If you need to change your application after starting your course, you will need to send a Change of Circumstance form to SFE. You may need to ring SFE to request this form if you are unable to access it through your on-line SFE account.

*QMy parents income has changed this year. Does this mean I can apply for more student finance?

*AIf your partners/parent(s) household income has decreased by more than 15% in the current tax year, you can ask SFE to do a new assessment. You should ask your partner/parent(s) to complete a CYI form and return to SFE with it with a cover letter asking for your student finance package to be reassessed.

*QI am thinking of interrupting and am concerned about what effect this will have on my student finance. What is is the position?

*AIt is important that you seek advice on your particular circumstances as interrupting your studies has an impact on your Tuition Fee liability to the University, your current year student finance entitlement and future student finance entitlement.

*QWill I get a student loan if I start a new course?

*AAs a general rule, SFE will fund you for the number of years of your course, plus one gift year, minus the number of years of previous study. Funding for some courses, such as nursing, do not take previous study into account when calculating student finance entitlement. We suggest you seek advice before taking the decision to change course.

*QI’d like to apply to the University's financial support fund. What do I need to do?

*ADetails of the University's Financial Support Fund can be found on their website.

*QHow do I set up "Consent To Share" so you can speak to SFE about my student finance account?

*AYou will need to ring SFE and ask to set up consent to share. You will then need to let us know the exact answer to each of the questions SFE ask you. SFE are working on a simplified system and details will be posted here as soon as they are available.

*QI have heard that I am entitled to 4 years funding from SFE. Is this correct?

*ANo, this is not the case. SFE have a specific formula for funding entitlement and takes into account the length of a course as well as the number of years of previous study and whether there are any compelling personal reasons which can be considered. If you are looking to change course, please speak to a Student Adviser before making a decision.

*QMy parents don't want to provide their income details to SFE in support of my application. What can I do?

*AUnfortunately, if your parents won't cooperate and you don't qualify as an independent student, there's nothing you can do to increase your entitlement. You'll still get a loan for your tuition fees and a non-means assessed maintenance loan, but your applcation will not be household income assessed so will not qualify for the higher maintenance loan amount.

*QI have received my PG Loan which will be enough for me to live on. Will SFE pay my tuition fees direct to the University?

*ANo. The PG Loan offered by SFE is a fixed amount for students to use as they wish, either to cover their tuition fees or their living costs. Students should ensure they have sufficient funding in place to cover their tuition fees and their living costs before they enrol on their course.

*QI haven't received my student funding yet and my account says that it is "awaiting confirmation". What does this mean and what should I do?

*ASFE will not release any funding to you until the University has confirmed that you are actually enrolled on your course and attending University. You should ask Student Services to confirm your attendance. SFE will then release your funding in 3-5 working days.

*QI have not yet applied for my student funding. Have I missed the deadline?

*AYou have 9 months from start of the academic quarter in which your course starts to apply. For most students, this is 31 May. If you are having difficulties with your application, please contact us

*QI have appied for student finance on the basis that I will be living in Plymouth but I am thinking that I may remain at home with my family instead. Do I need to tell SFE?

*AYou are obliged to inform SFE of any change of circumstances and failure to do so may result in an investigation for fraud and all student finance, past, present and future, being withdrawn.