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Care Leavers

If you have been in care before you come to University, your Local Authority has certain duties towards you under the Children (Leaving Care) Act 2000.

This does not necessarily mean that you lived with a foster family but if you have received other forms of support from your home Local Authority prior to coming to University, you may still be eligible for support from your Local Authority whilst you are studying at University.

This means that the Local Authority must put in place certain provisions to ensure your move to University goes smoothly and ensure that you are supported whilst you remain at University.

Specifically, this means that you should have the following:

  • A Pathway Plan
  • A Personal Adviser
  • Financial Support from the Local Authority
  • Help with your accommodation during the vacation when you are not at University

You are also entitled to a higher amount of Maintenance Loan from Student Finance England.

Plymouth University also has the Mayflower Award bursary which you can apply for:  Mayflower Award (University of Plymouth’s Access Bursary) - University of Plymouth

If you think that you may qualify as a Care Leaver, please contact the Advice Team so that we can assist further.

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