Plan 2021

Together, we commit to our Purpose, and to the Values which define us and we recognize the contribution of Union staff, officers and volunteers across all departments. In our strategy to 2021, we have identified one key priority for change - to ensure that:

"Every member believes the Union helps students like them have a positive and successful academic experience"

The University of Plymouth Students’ Union (UPSU) is an independent, democratically led charity that represents the needs of the students studying at the University of Plymouth.

We have been on a journey since November 2017, investing heavily in consultation with our students, staff , trustees and the University to develop this new three year Strategic Plan. We have worked in partnership with external research consultants, Redbrick, who have undertaken the research on our behalf and helped us to shape our new outcome-focused Strategy and the way we will assess our impact. We have identified one key priority for change which, alongside our core activities, will help us to deliver the highest quality student experience for our diverse student body.

As part of this process, we have also refreshed our Values and developed a new Purpose statement, the overarching and meaningful reason why we exist and, as part of this strategy, we have outlined how we achieve our Purpose.

We will still need to be exible and adaptable to the changing environment around us and we will continue to consult with our students, but we are confident that being driven by our purpose and values will help us to achieve the changes outlined in our new plan which will meet the needs of our students.

Gina Connelly
UPSU Chief Executive
Lowri Jones

UPSU President 2016-2018


We will deliver this outcome through an integrated approach:


Influence over academic delivery

- Building strong long-term faculty relationships. - Credible and robust student representation. - Responsible and effective campaigning.

sense of belonging

- Vibrant course communities. - Well resourced and supported community leaders. - Inclusive and democratic participation.

readiness to learn

- Physical and mental health support - Recognition of diverse study and life objectives - Making everyday life a little easier for those who need it.


Our Union has a hard won and enviable reputation for our approach to governance, financial stability and sustainability. It is our responsibility to continue to work for the long-term benefit of our students. UPSU recognizes the value our staff team bring in achieving all that we can do.