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Venue & nightclub entry terms

We want our SU Venue to be a safe and enjoyable place for both customers and our team, to ensure this and in compliance of our premises license, we have the following conditions of entry in place.

While using our venue, or by purchasing tickets for events held in the venue, or by attempting to enter our night club, you agree to these conditions of entry:

R.O.A.R - Right of admission is reserved. We reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone, without reason.

Age & Entry:

  • You must be a University of Plymouth student to enter.
  • You should always have your Student ID when using the SU venue.
  • If you are a student and bringing in a guest, they are your responsibility while they are in the venue.
  • If you are a guest of a student, you should have a photo ID.
  • When using our night club, you must be 18 and above and we only accept the following forms of ID, along with your student ID:
  • Passports
  • Photo Driver’s License (including Provisionals)
  • PASS card

Suspect ID:

  • We may confiscate your presented ID if we do not believe it to be genuine, or do not believe it is owned by you.

Face Coverings / Hats:

  • We may ask you to remove any face covering or hat, to allow us to match you to your ID.
  • We may also ask this even if we do not check your ID so that we have a clear image of you entering the club on our CCTV system.


  • We may request to search you, and / or your belongings on entry, re-entry and while inside the SU Venue.
  • You have the right to refuse any search, but we may refuse you entry or may ask you leave our venue if you do so.


Your safety:

  • We have dedicated welfare and first aid teams working in the venue during our night clubs and special events.
  • Always keep your drinks with you, we will regularly remove any unattended drinks from around the venue and during our night club.
  • If you suspect your drink has been tampered with, let any member of staff / security/ duty manager know immediately.
  • Drinks covers are available for free at the bar.
  • Please be aware special effects and lighting are in constant use throughout the venue. Strobe lighting, flashing lights, smoke effects, co2 cannons and confetti cannons are in use.
  • Take regular breaks from the dancefloor and if you feel unwell at any time, please speak to any member of staff / security/ duty manager immediately.


Your conduct:

  • SU does not encourage excessive consumption of alcohol.
  • SU has zero tolerance to substance abuse.
  • SU has a zero-tolerance policy against discrimination and/or harassment in any form.
  • SU does not tolerate any form of racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism or any other discriminatory behaviour or language, this will result in you being asked to leave or removed from the venue.
  • Pressuring others to drink dangerous mixtures or excessive quantities of alcohol is not permitted and will not be tolerated. 
  • We will refuse entry to anyone who is intoxicated upon entry or re-entry, or who we believe to be under the influence of illegal drugs.
  • We will also ask you to leave if you're intoxicated whilst inside our venue.
  • If you are refused entry / service while in the SU Venue, please respect our decision.
  • You will be asked to leave or be removed from the venue for causing intentional damage to our equipment, fixtures, or fittings and this may also result in prosecution. 
  • Any reported unwanted physical contact between you and other customers will result in you being asked to leave or removed from the venue.
  • Smoking (and the use of e-cigarettes / vapes) is not permitted within the venue, or while queuing up during night club. Please use the designated smoking area.


Personal belongings:

  • SU venue does not accept responsibility for your personal belongings, you should not leave anything unattended, and any unattended items will be removed.

Prohibited items

  • We don't allow any illegal drugs, alcohol, weapons (or anything we deem could be used as such), imitation weapons, flares (or any other pyro), air horns (or similar) or aerosols. We may, at our discretion, refuse other items from being brought into our venue.
  • We don't allow any large glass items to be brought into our night club, such as large perfume bottles, glass bottles etc. You must put these into the cloakroom at your own cost immediately after entering the night club.
  • We do not allow any food or drink to be brought into our night club, excluding for medical reasons. Free tap water is available at all bars.

Large items

  • When entering our night club, large bags, suitcases, umbrellas etc. must be stored in the cloakroom, at your cost, and will not be permitted to be taken into our night club when the cloak room is in operation.



  • CCTV is in use throughout SU venue and includes both audio and visual recordings, by entering the SU venue, you agree to the recording of you whilst in and around the venue.
  • We hold footage for at least 28 days and may pass it onto law enforcement agencies, on request.


Event timings:

  • Event times are for guidance only. At our discretion, we may alter event timings, both start and finish, without warning or refund.
  • Events may be cancelled at short notice, we will do our best to communicate these changes via our communication channels including social media, and our ticketing platforms. Advance ticket holders will receive a full refund, but no further compensation if an event is cancelled.


Exit / Re-entry:

  • If you leave the SU night club, you may not automatically be able to re-enter. We reserve the right to refuse re-entry if we are full.
  • Please leave and walk home quietly with respect for local residents.
  • No drinks can be taken off the premises.



  • Our team have the right to work without abuse or intimidation of any kind, anyone breaching this will result in your immediate refusal /removed from the venue.
  • Breaching any of the conditions listed above, will result in an immediate ban, and depending on the severity of the breach, may also be reported to the DPS and the university for further action.
  • Photos or Videos of anyone using the venue taken by us or by a third party engaged by the SU, may be used for promotional purposes. If you want to opt out, please let us know by contacting the duty manager.
  • Our duty manager decision will be final.