Start a Student Group

Here at the UPSU we boast a wide range of sports clubs and societies that any student can be involved in, and anyone is welcome to join. We offer the opportunity to start new student groups if you can’t find a society or a sports club that suits you. Take a look at our step-by-step guide on how to get your new student group started:


Step 1: Will it be different?

Ask yourself is your student group different than what the USPU currently offers? If you are unsure please take a look at our Browse Student Groups webpage. We also have some societies which are currently placed up for restarting and waiting for a new group of students to take over. Go to the Restart a Society webpage and take a look at the societies up for restarting.

If you are still unsure about your student group idea, please get in touch with the Sports or Societies department to ask our teams. 


Step 2: Appoint your committee

Great, you have decided to move forward with your idea for your student group. Next you will need to appoint your committee. All student groups need to have four core committee members*:

Chair, Secretary, Health & Safety Officer and Treasurer. You may also opt to have some non-core committee roles to help run your student group as well.

*If you consider a student network you will only need to have a Chair, Treasurer and Health & Safety Officer.


step 3: gain interest in your student group

To prove that your student group is something that students want at the University of Plymouth, you will need to get 20 names and student ID's of students interested in your idea. You can include your four core-committee members in this as well! Here is a useful names and numbers template form for you to store this information on.


step 4: complete your student group paperwork

For your student group to be considered we need to know about your student group and what you plan to do if you are successful. You will need to complete these downloadable documents below.

Please note: sports clubs and societies have different development plans. Please make sure to select the right student group documents when completing.

For Societies For Sports Clubs

These forms should be completed with your daily society activities. Once you have completed these, you need to email the forms to the societies department.

These forms should be completed with your daily sporting activities. Once you have completed these, you need to email the forms to the sports department.


Step 5: Set up a meeting

Once you have emailed accross your student group paperwork a member of staff will get in touch with you with some questions about your proposed student group and schedule a meeting to get to know the committee and explain the benefits of becoming an UPSU affiliated student group. From this meeting you will be tinformed if your student group has progressed to the approval stage. 


Step 6: It will be democratically decided

After your meeting with the department, you will be told if you have been invited to our monthly forum meetings. These are held by department staff and the VP activities. You will be asked to give a two-minute speech explaining about your new student group to either sports clubs or societies and then there will be an opportunity for others to ask questions about your student group. After speeches and questions have been completed a vote will take place and whether you have been approved as a new student group.

At least one member of your new committee must be present to represent you.


Step 7: congratulations you have been approved

You are now ready to start your student group and start gaining members. Please remember to keep in tough regularly with your department so we can assist you.


Perhaps consider a network (*society only)

If you are finding it difficult to get 20 members interested in your society idea, please speak to us about becoming a student network. Get in touch with 


Restarting a Society...

Depending on when then society was placed up for restarting, your pathway to being approved may be different. For societies placed up for restarting before the 2021-22 academic year you will follow steps 2-7. If your society was placed up for restarting in the 2021-22 or after you will complete steps 2-5 as you will not need to go to a forum meeting to be approved. When registering your interest in restarting a society, a member of staff will explain to you which path you will be going down.