UK General Elections Info, Details & FAQs

The Advice Centre can support you with a wide range of academic issues, including: AppealsComplaintsYour consumer rightsExtenuating CircumstancesFitness to PracticeInterrupting Studies and Academic Offences

Our Advisors can advise you regarding the various procedures, comment on your appeal and complaint submissions and also help you to prepare for disciplinary hearings. In certain circumstances our advisors can even attend them with you.

If you encounter any difficulties with your studies during your time at the University of Plymouth, our advisors can support you.

We are committed to providing impartial, confidential advice and advocacy whenever necessary. 



*QI have been accused of plagiarism/collusion. What does this mean and what can I do?

*AYou should look at the documentation sent to you and decide whether the accusation is justified or not. You then need to complete and return the proforma by the deadline given. If you decide to contest the allegation, you have the option of attending a hearing to put your side of events to the panel making the decision. We strongly advise you seek advice from one of our Student Advisers who can give impartial advice on this.

*QWhen should I apply for Extenuating Circumstances (ECs)?

*AThe University has a "Fit to Sit" policy so you need to decide before sitting an exam or submitting a piece of coursework that you are well enough to do so. If you are not "fit to sit", you should apply for ECs online at: Your learning, assessments and results (

*Q I want to change my course. How do I do this?

*AYou first need to identify the course you wish to do, whether a place is available and if you meet the entry requirements. You may not be able to transfer to your new course until the next academic year. You will then need to speak to your Faculty Office about completing the necessary paperwork. We suggest that you seek advice on your funding situation before making a final decision.

*QI want to leave my course. What do I need to do?

*AYou should seek advice before you take this decision as there are implications for your student finance and your accommodation. The University has a Withdrawal/Interrupt form which will need to be completed and returned to your Faculty Office.

*QCan I be disciplined for something that happened off-campus?

*AYes, the University has a Code of Conduct which covers your behaviour on and off campus.

*QWhat are the possible outcomes of a disciplinary investigation under the Code of Conduct?

*AThere are a range of penalties which can be imposed. Exclusion from the University is a possible outcome from a Stage 3 investigation, although this is only imposed in the most extreme cases.

*QWill a disciplinary offence affect my academic progress?

*AWhilst most penalties which can be imposed do not affect academic progress, suspension for a temporary period or permanent exclusion will do.

*QIf I appeal against my academic results, will my work be remarked?

*ANo, marks cannot be changed once they have been confirmed by the Award Assessment Board. The outcome of a successful appeal will give you the opportunity to retake a module/element. You should bear in mind that you cannot retake a module which has already been completed satisfactorily.

*QI have to attend a Disciplinary/Fitness to Practice/Academic Offences meeting. Can a solicitor attend the meeting with me?

*AIn most instances, legal representation is not possible as outlined in the appropriate policy.

*QI have a solicitor helping me prepare for my Disciplinary/Fitness to Practice/Academic Offences meeting. Can the Advice Centre also assist me with this at the same time?

*AUnfortunately, due to a conflict of interest in such situations, the Advice Centre will not be able to assist if a student is receiving advice from an alternative source.