If you have found that you didn’t get the results you expected you may be able to appeal the decision and we may be able to help you with your appeal.

At the SU we have an amazing team of friendly and supportive advice staff who can help you navigate the tricky world of appeals.

What’s great about the SU is we are independent of the University, which means we are able to represent you without any conflict of interest and all enquiries are dealt with the strictest confidence, which means that we do not disclose anything that you have told us unless you have given us permission to do so. We are here for you and you only.

Our advisors can give you guidance on how to word your appeal and help you with the process. They can advise you on a realistic outcome and how to achieve it. Our amazing team know all the policies and procedures so they can make sure you are getting the right info. They have loads of experience and knowledge that can help you, they will be the smartest person you know in this situation.



When do results come out?

For most undergraduate courses, the official results will be published on the 13th July 2020, but dates vary depending on your course and faculty. It is your responsibility to check the results date which applies to you.


How will I get them?

Results will be available on the student portal and a paper copy will be sent to whichever address the University has listed as your home address. If you change this address to reflect where you will be over the vacation, remember to update in on your return to study in Plymouth. 


Viewing your results on the portal.

Only the front page of your results will be visible online. There will be a link to the accompanying notes and it is essential to look at these notes if you have failed any element of your assessment. The University will send out an accompanying letter with your statement of results informing you of the Award Assessment Board’s decision and what steps to take next. This letter will not available be online. If in any doubt you should contact your Faculty Office. 


What to do if you do not agree with your results.

The University has an appeals procedure and there are strict grounds for what can constitute an appeal. Questioning academic judgement is not a ground for appeal. The Appeals pro forma can be found in the student handbook on the University website.  It is recommended that the pro forma be used rather than just submitting a letter. 


Is there a deadline?

Yes. You have 10 working days from the date your results are published. For the majority of undergraduate courses the deadline will be the 27th July 2020, but other courses such as health professions may vary.


Who can help with your Appeal?

Our friendly Advice team will be available throughout the appeal period to discuss your appeal and talk to you about your specific circumstances.   Experienced advisers will be able to read through your appeal before you submit it if you wish. 


When is the SU advice centre open?

Upsu: advice offers a drop in advice service from 11.00 – 3.00pm  Monday – Friday when no appointment is needed.  
If you prefer, timed appointments can be made online here
We also offer telephone and email advice if you are unable to attend the Advice Centre in person. 


When do resits happen?

Details of resit examinations can be accessed by using the following link:

If you are repeating coursework over the summer vacation you should ensure that you check the deadline with your Faculty Office. You should not assume that you are repeating / re-working the same coursework that you previously failed. Your transcript will indicate details of your referred work. 

Students who started a degree in September 2018 will only have two attempts at a module, so it is important to consider whether referral work is right for you or whether you need to consider repeating the year and getting the benefit of attending the lectures.


Self-plagiarism… what is it?

If you receive a similar title it is important that you do not plagiarise yourself by copying and pasting your previous work into your new coursework.  This is likely to be classed as an assessment offence. Details of offences can be found at:


Last updated October 2019