Your New RAG Charities Are...

Written by: UPSU



Over the last few months RAG (Raise And Give) asked what charities the student body wanted them to support with their fundraising this year.



This year, University of Plymouth students have chosen:


First Light:


First Light provides Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence support for all across the South West. The funds raised by the awesome fundraisers at Plymouth RAG will be used to support our services across Plymouth, where we deliver free therapy to help people who have experienced sexual violence to begin their journey to a safer, healthier future. Our Independent Sexual Violence Advisors work with people who have experienced trauma to support them through the criminal justice process, ensuring they have a voice, that they are supported practically and emotionally, and that they can begin to move on from their pasts.




Young Lives vs Cancer:


When a child is diagnosed with cancer it threatens everything, for them and their family.

“At a time when they should be busy being children, enjoying their rollercoaster teenage years or finding their feet at uni, life becomes full of fear. Fear of treatment, but also of families being torn apart, of overwhelming money worries, mental health stretched to breaking point, of having nowhere to turn, no one to talk to.

At Young Lives vs Cancer, we get that. We are the charity that helps children and young people (0-25) and their families find the strength to face whatever cancer throws at them.

We know everyone's different, so we work hard to make sure each family has what they need to get through cancer. It could be a financial grant for a parent struggling to keep their child warm through their treatment or for a young person who can’t afford to get to hospital. Or helping a family stay together at one of our free Homes from Home close to the hospital where their child is having treatment.

And if we think families aren’t being heard by the whole system, we’re not afraid to raise their voices or shout on their behalf. Children and young people with cancer deserve the same opportunities as anyone else. We’ll always have their back, because we’ve been there before.

Powered by the kindness of our supporters, we’ll face it all together."




Hope for Children:


Hope for Children is an international charity that passionately believes every child has the right to a happy, healthy, and positive childhood. Almost half of the world's children are vulnerable and living in poverty. We are changing this by making a safe and fulfilling childhood a reality for more of the world's children. We work in three main areas; education, health and well-being, and empowering families to create sustainable livelihoods. We currently work in Uganda, Kenya, India, Sri Lanka and the UK!

A few examples of what your money could support is as follows;

£6 can provide one week of on-line tuition for a secondary?student in Uganda??

£15?can provide one?month of counselling for a child in Uganda??

£20?can provide a set of headphones for a deaf/blind student to?access?recorded material in school in Sri Lanka??

£100?can provide?a bursary for 70 people living positively with?HIV to?spend on medical care/medication & healthy food?options??

£130?will feed 65 girls from our Girls United team in Uganda?every Saturday?

£600?can provide six?months?supply of sanitary pads &?underwear for all girls on?W2S & other projects in Uganda??

£650?can pay??for one year for one teacher delivering?after?school classes for 8 hours?per week (116 attend these?classes)??

£2,160?can pay?for our rent for our complete facility?(offices/compound) in?Uganda for a whole year?

As you can see a little can go a really long way in what we do!



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