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After rent, food can be one of the biggest expenditure items when you're at uni, but there are ways you can try to cut costs. For example, towards the end of the day, often supermarkets cut the cost of some items dramatically. This could be because the food has a short best-before or use-by date, but you can freeze many items and get them out at a later date.

Aldi and Lidl offer no frills unbranded foodstuffs but will make a big difference to how much your shopping costs.  Many of the other supermarkets are lowering their prices to match Lidl and Aldi. Make sure you have a budget plan so you have enough money to buy food throughout the term. Think about buying in bulk (items like pasta and rice which store well), eating and cooking with friends to minimise waste and look on line for budget recipes and ideas on how to use up left overs.


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