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Make sure you keep safe online, whether on social media or even emails, with these handy tips:

We have listed below our top tips to help you protect your personal data and keep yourself safe online.

  • Think before you click a link in an email. Do you know and trust the sender? Fake ‘phishing’ emails can be very convincing:
  • Never give your PIN or passwords over the phone - your bank or the police would never ask for these.
  • Use strong passwords and change them regularly.
  • Don’t leave personal details lying around and shred personal correspondence before disposing.
  • Install anti-virus and anti-spyware software on all devices and keep it updated.
  • Back up any important data as this will stop any loss of files if your device breaks, gets lost/stolen or is infected by malware.
  • Don’t assume public Wi-Fi hotspots are secure – never use them to do anything confidential like using your email or making a payment. Where possible use your mobile network internet which will have built-in security.
  • Check your privacy settings. It’s up to you who sees your photos, updates, and profile information - be aware of your digital footprint and what information is available about you
  • Be careful what you post online.
  • Think before you add friends or contacts: Do you know them? Do you want to give them access to your photos etc?
  • Avoid sharing personal information in public, like your phone number or address.
  • Only shop from secure websites - these will show a locked padlock or unbroken key in your browser, and the URL will begin with https://.

Tickets and Fraud:

  • Scam emails - would they really ask for that information? To find out more about phishing and identity theft see The Mix
  • Also be cautious when buying tickets for events online. Make sure they are legitimate events from a trusted provider.

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Last Update March 2022