Supporting Student Sex workers

Supporting Student Sex Workers

In December 2015, the University of Plymouth Student Union’s Executive Committee voted in favour of the decriminalization of prostitution and in favour of supporting student sex workers. As part of that policy, this document has been put together by sex workers attending Plymouth University.


Screening & Safety - If you work in person and advertise online, you can sign up to join the Ugly Mugs scheme. This will enable you to receive warnings about dangerous individuals, and lets you check numbers against a database of reported dangerous individuals. Ugly Mugs can also help you file a complaint and report incidents to the police anonymously. - The SAAFE forum also allows you to search for reported numbers. Input the number into the search box with an asterisk replacing the last two digits, e.g. 012345678**. As well as this, the forum is a place where you can seek support and advice related mainly to indoors escorting. There is also a section for webcam workers. - The SAAFE main page has a wealth of basic information for indoors workers on screening and general business. - This app/website allows you to check phone numbers.


Sex Worker Organisations - Know Your Rights - This link includes a download which was written by sex workers and legal professionals to explain the prostitution laws in accessible terms. It aims to help you know the law, how to protect yourself from arrest, how to defend yourself if charged, and where to get help. It is available in English, Bulgarian, Chinese, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish and Thai. - The English Collective of Prostitutes are a current sex worker-led organisation based in London. They support and campaign for the decriminalization of prostitution. - Sex Workers Advocacy and Resistance Movement are a current sex worker-led organisation based in London, with another branch in Glasgow, and links with sex workers around the country - including Plymouth. They campaign for decriminalization and are focussed on public education. - SCOT-PEP are a Scottish sex-worker led charity engaged primarily with policy and legislation. - The Global Network of Sex Work Projects is a membership organisation comprising sex-worker led organisations around the world.


Last updated: February 2024