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How you can find your Uni family with your Students' Union

Choir Society 2019

You're Not Alone


Starting University can be daunting, perhaps you’re moving away from home for the first time or maybe you’re coming back to your studies after a break of a few years or even decades. Finding a sense of belonging and a community in which you feel comfortable and confident can be instrumental in making your time with us the best it can possibly be. You're not alone, we can help you to find your Uni family.

So, how can we help? Whether you’re interested in representing the University of Plymouth at a regional or national level in your chosen sport, volunteering your time to contribute to the local community, finding likeminded people to socialise with or connecting with other students on your course – we have something for you.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, your student experience will feel different to usual and there may be more restrictions on certain types of activity, but as your SU we’ve provided our student groups with support and guidance on keeping their communities safe.

You can read this guidance here.



Sports Clubs


^ Woman's Football Club, 2019

Here at UPSU we support over 50 different sports clubs. These clubs offer you an opportunity to join a community where you're guaranteed to have something in common, with a chance to play sport in a social and/or competitive environment.

"Attending competitions was not something I would have done without the support and encouragement of the other club members... The club helped me in my first year by being a place I could go when I was not feeling great due to the pressures of my degree, and by helping to greatly increase my self-confidence."


Member of the Archery Club

With our campus situated a short walk from Plymouth Sound on the beautiful south coast of Devon, when you come to study at the University of Plymouth you’ll have access to a wide range of water-based activities to truly make the most of 'Britain's Ocean City’.

Browse a full list of Sports Clubs here.





^ Big Band Society, 2019

Our 100+ student-led societies are a major part of what we are about. From knitting to Nerf wars, Pokemon to printmaking – whatever your interests you’re bound to find a society that meets your needs. If you’re looking to meet students on your course outside of a classroom setting, we currently support more than 40 academic societies, which aim to connect students and offer social and development opportunities.

For those students who are looking to connect with students from a similar cultural background, perhaps you’re an international student who wants to find a community that offers a home away from home, our range of cultural societies may be able to help.

“Through the society I have learnt to work with a range of students outside of my course (medicine) and have thus made strong friendships which have led me to new opportunities which I wouldn’t have otherwise got involved in.”


Member of the Plymouth University Wilderness and Expedition Medicine Society

Societies exist to meet your needs as students and for you to meet like-minded people in your chosen area whether that be an activity, culture, faith or belief, hobby or even just to try something new.


Browse a full list of societies here.



Volunteering Opportunities


^ Student Volunteers, 2019

There are many different types of opportunities available if you’re looking to volunteer, with flexibility and commitment levels to suit you and your studies. Maybe you’d like to contribute to running a charity shop, get stuck in with helping wildlife conservation, or assist in coaching football sessions?

Perhaps your heart lies in fundraising for local, national and global causes? Plymouth Raise and Give (RAG) is a student-led group who run fundraising projects for chosen charities which are selected each year. The group also offer Fundraising Adventures each year which could see you taking on Everest Base Camp, cycling from London to Paris or trekking Machu Picchu.

Find out more about volunteering with your SU here.





^ Student Representatives, 2018

Our dedicated group of Student Representatives are the voice of the student body across the University and Students’ Union. There are several Student Representative roles, each with a specific remit, however, their collective aim is to champion the student voice and create positive changes to the University experience for all students. If you’re passionate about listening to students and campaigning for change then take a look at the range of Student Representative roles available, including Course Reps, School Reps, Faculty Reps, Part Time Officers and Sabbatical Officers.
Find out more about using your voice and accessing representation here.



Give it a Go


^ Musical Theatre Group, 2018 

Starting University is a great opportunity to explore your interests and take part in new and different experiences. If you’re not sure what you’re interested in or you’re looking for a way of getting involved without the initial commitment of joining a club, society or volunteering project – why not Give it a Go?

The Give it a Go programme offers a range of different sessions throughout the year - run by clubs, volunteers, qualified sports instructors and society groups - where you can come along and do just that, give it a go - try something new, meet new people and learn new skills. If you love the sessions, great! Keep coming back or perhaps join a club or society and pursue your passion that way. If you don’t love it, no problem! Try more of our Give it a Go sessions until you find an activity that you love.

Explore the Give it a Go programme here.


All our groups are student-led, that means that you – the students – shape and build them to be the communities you want to see, with the support of a dedicated team of staff members.