UPSU Student Representatives

Student Representatives are the voice of the students across the University. They are a vital link between the student body, the University and the Students' Union. Student representation ensures that students' views, ideas and concerns are heard at all levels throughout the University community, influencing university practice and strategic direction.

Plymouth students need a way to make their voice in decisions that affect their lives and UPSU has a significant role in ensuring that there are student representatives at every level. The Student Voice Team support students to challenge the status quo and influence key decisions, making sure they are the right ones for Plymouth Students. Representation facilitated by UPSU truly represents Plymouth students because the Union is an independent charity run by students for students. There are so many ways that students can get involved, from being an elected representative to becoming involved in the many student forums which reflect a diverse range of issues and topics. Representatives contribute to the running of their Union, holding the Executive Officer team to account.