What is a Referendum?

A Referendum is used to decide upon issues that all full members of the Union must have a say on. Although the use of Referendum is rare, they are important when it comes to major decisions of the Union. Only one issue will be voted on at any one time and the result will be binding on all members of the Union. The result of a Referendum shall take precedence over any existing policy on the same issue and that issue may not be reopened in any democratic forum of the Union for two years. A Referendum of students' opinions can be called by the following:

  • the Union Council resolves by a majority to call a Referendum,
  • the Union Concil must call a Referendum if handed a petition containing the name, course, student number and signature of at least 250 full members of the Union, providing that there has not been a Referendum on the same topic for two years
  • a resolution of the Trustees of the Union.

Previous Referendums

Referendum Bye Law

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Referendum Guidance

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