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Wilderness and Expedition Medicine Society

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Welcome to Plymouth University's Wilderness and Expedition Medicine Society (aka PUWEMS)

Wilderness and expedition medicine is the remote and improvised care of illness or trauma, with limited resources and manpower, and delayed evacuation to definitive care. Humans have always had the desire to explore, meaning wilderness medical care extends far back in history, but in recent years the increasing exploration and inhabitation of wilderness areas has seen an increase in the demand and interest in wilderness and expedition medicine. We hope to provide you the opportunity to explore this further.

However, this society is not exclusive to medical students, all students are welcome as long as you're keen to be outdoors! 

The aim - 

- To inspire students to explore wilderness and expedition medicine and learn how to deal with life threatening situations in remote environments

- To equip students with the skills needed to provide good medicine in challenging environments through workshops and conferences 

- To practice these skills on expeditions throughout the year

- To provide networking opportunities in the world of wilderness and expedition medicine

Socials and Events - 

This year we will be organizing monthly evening workshops and lectures here in Plymouth, as well as some exciting expeditions and events where you will get the opportunity to learn new skills and practice these in real life situations. As well as the opportunity to work alongside the emergency services including the Search and Rescue Teams, RNLI, Air Ambulance, Paramedics etc. in scenario situations in remote locations. 

These include expeditions on Dartmoor, and  Snowdon, as well as expeditions to the Brecon Beacons, Cornwall and the beach throughout the year, AND our Good Medicine in Challenging Environments conference event in April in Newquay. 

Social Media - 


Instagram: @puwems

Good Medicine in Challenging Environments Facebook: -

Fundraising and Volunteering - 

Our Good Medicine in Challenging Environments event helps fundraise for several charities including Defib Aware, RNLI and the Good Sam App which all contribute to enhancing emergency response in the community.

We are also looking to do collaborative workshops with MSF (Medicins Sans Frontieres), Students for Global Health and other societies.

We also have an annual christmas lecture evening in December with adventurous speakers, mince pies and mulled wine to raise money for Devon Air Ambulance and the Dartmoor Search and Rescue Teams. 

Committee Members - 

President - Dáire Magorrian 

Vice President - Kathryn Green 

Health & Safety - James Reynolds

Treasurer - Nathan Mitchell

Trip Sec - Erin Linwood

Workshop Sec - Jordan Hargreaves


Antarctic Medicine with Dr Weaver

Wilderness and Expedition Medicine Society

04 May - 04 May 2021


Dartmoor Way Charity Challenge

Wilderness and Expedition Medicine Society

01 May - 03 May 2021


16 hour First aid course

Wilderness and Expedition Medicine Society

15 May - 16 May 2021

on Campus


Fractures In The Wild - Dr Chris Hughes
3rd June 7pm - 8pm
Dr Hughes is running a workshop on fractures in wilderness environments
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Daire Magorrian
Safety Officer
James Reynolds
Kathryn Green
Nathan Mitchell


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