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Meet your 2024 Student Elections candidates!

Written by: UPSU

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Meet your 2024 Student Elections candidates!


The following University of Plymouth students have put themselves forward to represent you, to work to improve your student experience and influence changes that can make your student life better. Voting opens on Monday, 4th of March at midday. From this time, you will be able to go to the Student Elections webpage and cast your vote. 

Voting will close on the 8th of March at midday.



Running for SU President: 


   Abidemi Biodun-Oladoye (MSc Data Science and Business Analytics)

  Dindu Okechukwu (BSc (Hons) Psychology)

   Lee Allen (BSc (Hons) Politics with Foundation)

  Matt Venton (BSc (Hons) Business Management)

  Min That Naing (MSc International Business)

  Suman Paudel (MA Education)

  Thomas Hughes (BSc (Hons) Navigation and Maritime Science)



Running for VP Activities: 


  Islamiat Ojuoro (BSc (Hons) Architectural Engineering)


  Joshua Frost (MA English Literature)



Running for VP Education: 


  Darcie Jones (BA History)

  Eric Evbuomwan (MSc Business and Management)



Running for VP Wellbeing and Diversity: 


  Harman Singh (BSc (Hons) Maritime Business)

  Krupa Naik (MSc Clinical Psychology)

  Moyosoreoluwa Akande (LLB (Hons) Law and Criminology)

  Owura Owusu (BSc (Hons) Sociology)



Voting opens on Monday 4th of March 2024. 


Polling will open at midday on Monday 4th of March. Over the course of the week candidates will speak to students, share their campaign, and set out why students should vote for them to represent their voice. 

During the week you can place your vote for who you most want to become your SU President, VP Education, VP Activities, and VP Wellbeing and Diversity. 

There are many reasons why you should take part in the Student Election and place your vote, even if you don’t know someone who is running as a candidate. 

The four students who are elected will have a direct say in how the Students’ Union is run and the strategic direction of the SU by speaking on your behalf at high-level meetings and working alongside SU staff, the University of Plymouth, and external organisations. Essentially, those who are elected represent the voices of the entire student community and will work to improve the student experience. This is why it is so important you have your say on who you want this to be and you cast your vote carefully. 

Voting will close at midday on the 8th of March.



How does voting work? 


From the 4th of March at midday, you will be able to go to the Student Elections webpage and cast your vote. 

You will be able to vote in your order of preference. For example, if there are five candidates for the role of President, you will be able to put them in running order of preference from 1-5. You do not, however, have to place all the candidates in an order; if there is only one candidate you want to vote for, you can just cast a vote for that individual only and not rank the other candidates. 

You are able to cast your vote in each of the four roles or you can just vote in one role. We do, however, highly encourage all students to cast their vote within each of the four Sabbatical Officer roles to ensure you have a say on the entire newly elected Sabbatical Officer team.

If you do not want to vote for any candidate in a particular category, you can vote for R.O.N which is a vote to re-open nominations. 

Once you place your vote, you cannot change your mind. 

Voting is anonymous: no one can see who you have voted for, and this information will never be released. 



What's on during the voting week? 


Monday 4th March

Open meeting for all students: From 18:00 - 20:00 in the SU main room, you will have the opportunity to hear from all your candidates, learn about what sets them apart and what they plan to do for you, should they be elected!

Tuesday 5th March

Elections Roadshow: From 11:30 until 14:30 on the SU Roof (weather-dependent) join the SU team and your candidates to learn more about how the elections work and hear about what your candidates want to do for you, should they be elected! 

As well as hearing from your candidates, the SU will have some crafting activities in addition to our usual giveaways and prizes, so make sure you don't miss out! 

Thursday 7th March

Elections stall at campus market: From 11:30 until 14:30 on the SU Roof (weather-dependent) join your SU and elections candidates at the campus market! 

If you are still undecided about who to vote for, this is another great opportunity to speak to your candidates, to hear about their ideas and what they would work on, should they be elected. It is also a chance to give feedback on your university experience to your Sabbatical Officers. 

There might also be some giveaways and prizes, so don't miss out! 



When are the new Sabbatical Officers announced? 


Our new Sabbatical Officer team will be announced during the Results Night on the 8th of March in the SU from 18:30-20:00. All students are welcome to come to the results night and see who you have elected to be the four Sabbatical Officers of 2024/25. More information on the Results Night can be found here.