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Icons Award Winner 2021 - Plymouth Marrow Society


Congratulations to Plymouth Marrow for achieving their Icons Award during a difficult year for student groups. You deserve it for all your work throughout the year! 



The UPSU Icons Awards celebrate our Sports Clubs and Societies that have gone above and beyond throughout this year. There are certain criteria each group has to complete to win their award which is then approved by the UPSU Sports and Societies Teams. This year we have seen so many amazing things happen throughout our student community, including the efforts of Plymouth Marrow Society.



Who are Plymouth Marrow:      


"Every 20 minutes someone in the UK is diagnosed with a blood cancer, such as leukaemia. Caught your attention yet?


For many, a blood stem cell or bone marrow transplant is their only chance of life and offers a cure. Anthony Nolan is a charity that supports the 1,600 people in the UK and 37,000 worldwide that are currently waiting for that potentially lifesaving match. Marrow is a group lead by university students that aims to enhance Anthony Nolan’s work.


Here at Plymouth Marrow, we regularly organise and run Spit Clinics to help recruit donors to the bone marrow register, variant events to raise funds for Anthony Nolan, and enjoyable socials for our hard-working members and volunteers. So yes, lots of help is needed!"


- Plymouth Marrow Society


Committee Members behind the Society - 

  • Chair - Humaira Ahmed & Geraldine O'Brien
  • Secretary - Khadeeja Nauman & Janson Yuen
  • Treasurer - Selene Basso Nadia & Vryoni-Dickson
  • Safety Officer - Edward Falkingham & Rhys Jones



Plymouth Marrow Society Successes:


The University of Plymouth Marrow Society has taken this difficult year and turned it into something positive. They have reviewed, completed and signed off all relevant documents and uploaded them to the SU website and have missed no more than 3 Society Forums throughout the year. They have held a successful Annual General Meeting (AGM) in March for their members to vote in the new committee for the next academic year. They have complied with all UPSU policies and procedures while demonstrating effective financial management of their budgets and funding and the committee has been in constant communication with the Societies Team at UPSU while also attending all core committee training and registering all trips, tours and events through the Students’ Union. 

The team at Plymouth Marrow Society has been consistent with their engagement with the UPSU through emails to staff with important updates from the committee. The society has hosted regular online events and socials for their members, including a Halloween donor recruitment event, scavenger hunts with Biomed Society and a Marrow Valentines Auction, all following government guidance at the time of the events. The committee has successfully produced multiple social media campaigns including Meet the Committee posts, Marrow Meme Mondays to raise awareness of Anthony Nolan and their hugely successful Hero Week along with their 12 days of Marrowmas Challenge, both involved set challenges for members and non-members to raise awareness in signing up for the stem cell register



Plymouth Marrow has shown they have been able to effectively communicate with their members through social media and sharing their meeting agendas to ensure their members are involved from home. The committee held an online introduction to the Marrow Society as well as an introduction session with The First Aid Society with a little bit of bingo, what's not to love? 

And finally, the additional criteria for the Icons Award,  Plymouth Marrow organised their Hero Week, a joint event full of challenges for each day, involving many other clubs and societies at UPSU including; Tropical Islands Society, Swimming and Waterpolo Club, Plymouth Netball Club, Ladies Football ClubPlymouth Bolts, Athletics Club, Photography Society and MedSoc, which raised a whopping £1,413 for Anthony Nolan! They have gained recognition from UPSU through their Success Story on the SU website about their Hero Week ‘Plymouth Marrow Society’s Charity Hero Week £1,413 Success’ and they have volunteered as a society throughout the whole year, logging volunteer hours and registering events through the Students’ Union. To succeed in so many ways this year on top of lockdowns and studying from home, during a global pandemic, Marrow couldn’t deserve this award more!




Congratulations from all of us here at UPSU!

Plymouth Marrow Society has been awarded their Icons for all the amazing work they have done over this year, voluntarily and on top of their own studies, this couldn't be more deserved and we can wait to see what you bring to your Students' Union next year! 





Stay tuned and keep an eye on our social media channels over the coming weeks to read a profile of each student group that has achieved Icons this year.

You’ll be able to find out more about what they did to receive this award and how you can get involved in September. 


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