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Tropical Island Society



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Promoting a sense of pride and empowerment for our tropical island students while raising awareness about our cultures and lifestyles. Everyone is always welcomed.

Socials and Events 

DOMINO COMPETITION- Games night where memebers get to play traditional games such as dominoes and others

ISLAND PARTY: Bringing pure heat to the UK, try islands food and enjoy with island people

BBQ AT THE HOE- Only on sunny days!!

LEARN ABOUT YOUR ISLAND: Bring traditional instruments/treats and teach us about your home

OUTDOOR FOOTBALL AND PICNIC-  Funday playing football and eating together at THE HOE

DIALECT/ ACCENT/ LANGUAGE CAFÉ + BAKE SALE-  educate students about different dialects, accents and languages informally over tropical baked goods

SUSTAINABILITY TALK-  Marine policy, ecotourism and wellness (plant-based, zero waste)

GOOD FRIDAY CELEBRATION-  potluck, hot cross buns, jonny cake, church as a group

Inter-Society Fun Day-  sports, egg and spoon, three-legged race, sac race, needle & thread race, track relays etc.

BEACH CLEAN -UP- link up with environmental/ sustainability and marine biology society to participate in beach ups




Check back soon for more events!

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