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Tropical Island Society


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Overview of society - To promote a sense of pride, identity, awareness, and empowerment for students from the tropical islands, and educate others about our cultures. We would also like to build confident, powerful, young ambassadors who will make a difference in their communities.

Socials and Events 

DOMINO COMPETITION- Games night where memebers get to play traditional games such as dominoes and others

ISLAND PARTY: Bringing pure heat to the UK, try islands food and enjoy with island people

BBQ AT THE HOE- Only on sunny days!!

LEARN ABOUT YOUR ISLAND: Bring traditional instruments/treats and teach us about your home

OUTDOOR FOOTBALL AND PICNIC-  Funday playing football and eating together at THE HOE

DIALECT/ ACCENT/ LANGUAGE CAFÉ + BAKE SALE-  educate students about different dialects, accents and languages informally over tropical baked goods

SUSTAINABILITY TALK-  Marine policy, ecotourism and wellness (plant-based, zero waste)

GOOD FRIDAY CELEBRATION-  potluck, hot cross buns, jonny cake, church as a group

Inter-Society Fun Day-  sports, egg and spoon, three-legged race, sac race, needle & thread race, track relays etc.

BEACH CLEAN -UP- link up with environmental/ sustainability and marine biology society to participate in beach ups- TBD

Instagram: tis_plymouth

Snapchat: tis_plymouth

Facebook: Tropical Island Society Plymouth