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Every 20 minutes someone in the UK is diagnosed with a blood cancer, such as leukaemia. Caught your attention yet? For many, a blood stem cell or bone marrow transplant is their only chance of life and offers a cure. Anthony Nolan is a charity that supports the 1,600 people in the UK and 37,000 worldwide that are currently waiting for that potentially lifesaving match. Marrow is a group lead by university students that aims to enhance Anthony Nolan’s work. Here at Plymouth Marrow, we regularly organise and run Spit Clinics to help recruit donors to the bone marrow register, variant events to raise funds for Anthony Nolan, and enjoyable socials for our hard-working members and volunteers. So yes, lots of help is needed!


Throughout the year we run a variety of enjoyable socials for our members, especially at times when we have been asking our members to help out, such as during the national hero week, and we love to run joint events with other societies so that our members can benefit from the opportunities that other societies can provide. Our socials follow the themes of our events, and our superhero evening is infamous. We also run sober socials, including an all you can eat meal after freshers, to welcome all of our amazing new volunteers to the joys of Plymouth Marrow.



We take great pride in the variety of opportunities that our society offers its members. For starters, as mentioned earlier, throughout the year we run a large number of socials to thank our inspirational members. We also run recruitment events, these events not only allow our members to do something that will make any CV look better, but also give members the opportunity to develop great skills, many of which you would struggle to learn elsewhere. Our biggest event of the year is our Valentines Slave Auction, where members, and even non-members, give up their time or skills for free, and we auction them, as well as items donated by local organisations, to raise money for people in need of bone marrow transplants. This is an event that has been nominated for society event of the year. We also organise bake sales, bucket shakes, bag packs, sponsored events, and much much more.

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