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Sports Clubs and Societies aren't just around for Freshers Week!


Here at your Students' Union, student-run Sports Clubs and Societies are here to help you meet your new uni family and keep your study/life balance on track! 

And most are available for you to join all year round, even if you didn't make it to the Sports, Societies and Volunteering Fairs over freshers week, don't worry, that doesn't mean you can't join with a student group now or next week, it's never too late! 


After the past 18 months, students have been amazing at developing their student groups and adapting to the ever-changing rules and regulations from the government. And this year, they have the time and freedom to safely welcome students back to campus and back to in-person socials and events.

So just because Freshers Week and the fairs are over, doesn't mean you missed your chance at joining some amazing students.



As a UoP student, you become a member of the SU, which means you have access to over 100 societies, they are a major part of what we are about, they help connect you with others who share your passion.

Societies Hub Browse our Societies

We've even got some societies which are looking to be adopted by a team of caring students too! These societies have been active in the past and sadly didn't get a new committee this year to keep it running, but they may have a pot of money sitting waiting to be used to restart the group!

Check them out and find out how to adopt a society here -

And if you can't find a society that you would LOVE to be a part of, why not start your own? -



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Sports Clubs:

Sports Clubs offer much more than just playing sport and UPSU sports clubs are committed to delivering an excellent sporting student experience by providing you with a wide range of opportunities to get involved in sport and activity, exploring new and exciting places, developing personal skills, celebrating sporting achievements, developing a community and pride and also a chance to develop friendships for life.

There is also the chance of representing the University of Plymouth on a National and Regional level. British Universities and Colleges Sport (BUCS) offers you the opportunity to compete for the University on a Wednesday afternoon in a range of sports.

Sports Clubs Hub Browse our Sports Clubs

If you're not sure what clubs to join, some of our clubs and societies run free online and in-person Give It A Go sessions for you to try out and see if that group is a good fit for you, check out what's on here -

If you would like to meet new people, have fun and play sport at a level that is not too serious, then Intramural is for you. Anyone can enter into Intramural Sport, whether you play a sport for a club already or you would like to enter with a group of friends from your course, house, society you can. Find out more -

And of course, if you would like to create a new Sports Club at UPSU, you can! Find out how -



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Be part of something bigger than yourself. Give back to your local community. Make a difference to someone's life. Overcome your fears, boost your confidence, gain new skills and enhance your career by volunteering.

Volunteering Hub How to get started!

There are always new opportunities added to our volunteering opportunities list, regularly check them out and make a difference -

Get involved in the Raise and Give Fundraising Group, better known as RAG -



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How to sign up:

We've made joining a student group as easy as possible, just make sure you're logged into the UPSU website with your student details and check out these links for a step-by-step how to join a sports club or society!