Start a Society

At the SU we have so many societies that you can become involved in. We boast a huge range of different societies that any students at the university is welcome to join. If you can't find a society to suit you, why not start one? Here is our step by step guide to starting your own society.

Will it be different?

Firstly ask yourself, will your society offer something different to those we already offer? Will it be something that other students will be interested in?

20 names and numbers

To prove that your society is something that students want you need to get 20 University of Plymouth student names and student ID numbers that would be interested in joining your new society, use this form to collect the details. From these people you will need to decide who will be on your committee. This needs to consist of a least a: Chair, Treasurer, Secretary and Safety Officer (These need to be different University of Plymouth students for each role).

Get organised

Then you will need to download and complete the following documents: Code of Conduct, Model Constitution, Societies Development Plan, Website Template. You then need to download our template Risk Assessment and complete it in line with your society's day to day activities. Once you have completed this you need to email these forms to the societies development department.

It will be democratically decided

The societies team and the VP activities will then consider your proposal and arrange to meet with the new committee. Once everyone is happy you will be invited to the next available societies Forum.At the Forum you will need to give a short introduction about your proposed society and answer any questions the forum might have. Then there will be a quick vote.
At least one member of your new committee must be present to represent you.

You've done it

If your proposal is accepted you are now ready to start running your brand new society - Congratulations!
The Societies Coordinator will then set up a meeting with you to go through everything you need to know as an official UPSU Society.

Perhaps consider a network

If you are finding it difficult to get 20 members interested in your society idea, please speak to us about becoming a student network. Get in touch with