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Celebrating the Winners of the SSTAR Awards 2022

Written by: UPSU



The SSTAR Awards are our Student Staff Teaching and Representation Awards. They can be an opportunity to show your appreciation for someone at the University who has made a significant difference to your time and experience this year. This could be a caring personal tutor, an engaged course rep, an inspiring lecturer or an individual who champions equality and diversity.


Why is it important?


"The SSTAR awards are important this year due to the massive amounts of change we have gone through this year. There are individuals who have gone above and beyond to support students, and they should be recognised for this. These awards are incredibly powerful, whether your nominee wins or not, your words can mean so much to that person. Because knowing you have made a difference for at least one person can really mean the world."


- Charlie Atkinson, UPSU VP Education




Creative Teacher of the Year

This award is given to someone who thinks outside the box when delivering the curriculum by incorporating a number of different teaching methods, effectively engages students and keeps them interested in what is being taught.


Highly commended for this award... Dr Tina Joshi

And the award winner is... Siobhan Moyes




Personal Tutor of the Year

The Outstanding Personal Tutor Award recognises those Personal Tutors who make time for you and treat you as an individual, show a willingness to listen, advocate your needs, champion and inspire and make a real difference to your University experience.


for the Faculty of Science and Engineering

The faculty winner is... Hayley Manners


for the Faculty of Arts Humanities & Business

Highly commended for this award... Darren Aoki

And the faculty winner is... James Gregory


for the Faculty of Health

Highly commended for this award... Jaysan Charlesford

And the overall winner is... Pam Nelmes




Part-Time Officer of the Year

The winner of this award will have made time for students, used appropriate and tailored methods to proactively collect students' feedback – feeding the outcome back to the students they represent.


The award winner is... Daniella Marley, Part-Time Welfare Officer



Support Staff of the Year

Supporting students throughout their time at University can make a world of difference. The One in a Million Support Staff Award recognises those members of support staff who, in any shape or form, aid students to make their lives and their student experience better.


Highly commended for this award... Dave Walkden

And the award winner is... Rachael Foote




Placement Support of the Year

The Placement Support Award is awarded to someone who has made a significant positive impact on your placement. This can be either a year out placement, part of your course, an internship, or summer placement.


The award winner is... Emma Cook



Best Student-led Representative Campaign

The Best Led Student-Led Representative Campaign Award is given to an individual or group of students that has planned and delivered a campaign, making a positive change to the lives of students.


The award winner is... Sophie Lee




Inspirational Teacher of the Year

Awarded to University of Plymouth staff member who shows passion and enthusiasm for teaching and inspires their students to be the best they can be.


Highly commended for this award... Dr Tina Joshi

And the award winner is... Catherine Gutmann-Roberts



Most Dedicated Project / Dissertation Supervisor of the Year

Completing a large project or a dissertation can be one of the biggest sources of stress for a student, the Award for the Most Dedicated Project/Dissertation Supervisor goes to a member of staff who has been by your side to support and guide you throughout.


Highly commended for this award... Vincent Drach

And the award winner is... John Spicer



School Rep of the Year

The School Rep of the Year Award recognises those Reps who go above and beyond to make time for students and form a clear link between the student body, the Students’ Union and the University at a School and Faculty level.


The award winner is... Lucy Metaj, School rep for Society & Culture




Postgraduate Supervisor of the Year

This award goes to a Postgraduate supervisor to recognize their contribution to your academic experience.


The award winner is... Cath Quinn



Programme Leader of the Year

This award is for a Programme Lead who has made a recognisable difference to your experience within your Programme.


for the Faculty of Science and Engineering

The faculty winner is... Matthew Watkinson


for the Faculty of Arts Humanities & Business

Highly commended for this award... Karen Sweeting

And the overall winner is... Rebecca Emmett




The Mel Joyner Award for Championing Equality and Diversity

Awarded to an individual or individuals who really put equality, diversity and inclusion at the heart of everything that they do.


The award winner is... Gemma Best




The Big Thank You Award

The Big Thank You Award is given to anyone that makes your day that little bit better, it could be any individual member of staff, staff team or a student that enhances your experience at the University of Plymouth. No matter what they do, why not say thank you by nominating them for this award.


The staff highly commended is... Lee Whittock

and staff award winner is... Roy Abbott

with the student award winner is... Bradley Sheddon




Congratulations to all the students and staff members who were nominated and the winners, the student experience wouldn't be the same without you. Please be proud of the incredible work you do and keep going!

And we want to say a huge thank you to all of our amazing course reps, without all of you we wouldn't be able to support students the way that we do. Thank you!


If you want to celebrate an incredible representative or staff member, or both, nominations are now open for the SSTAR Awards 2023!


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