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Louis Wilson

Society & Culture

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Hi, my name is Louis I am a 1st year criminology and criminal justice student, I ran for the position of school representative for society and culture because I want to ensure that every aspect of our school is working for us and helping us excel in our studies.

My top priority is to create a targeted careers strategy for our school. I would achieve this by working with course representatives and the careers services to ensure that career lectures and events are more targeted. Allowing students to understand the career opportunities open to them and guidance on how they would get there. For example, identifying websites that would provide the most beneficial information. I would ensure that more help is directed towards the creation and improvement of CVs through lectures or even just reminders of the extensive number of resources the careers service has. I would prioritise this as several students have highlighted to me that the careers lectures and events seen recently have felt out of touch with them and their needs.

I will also endeavour to increase communication within our school between students, course reps and staff. I would achieve this by creating a fortnightly email or newsletter where course reps, staff and societies within our school can post any news they have on events they are holding whether that be socials or the course reps asking for student feedback. I feel this would benefit every aspect of our school allowing events to have increased participation enabling them to be continually useful.

Thank you for reading my manifesto and feel free to get in contact with me to ask me any questions about my ideas.

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