Radhika Dave

Welfare Officer

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I am a postgraduate student pursuing MSc Physician Associate. I come from a humble middle-class family from India. I was raised by a single mother, and we moved to UK when I was thirteen. These circumstances says-alot about my struggles faced and the source of my resilience. I learnt to overcome unpleasant experiences with positivity, by accepting them as challenges. I also developed the strongest sense on empathy and unconsciously was the sunshine to people around me radiating fun boundless energy and warmth. I value and understand the importance of mental, physical, emotional and environmental wellbeing and how if improved rightly can positively impact academic and personal life.

Facts about me: I am an all-rounder with great passion for art, sports and volunteering. I have four fur babies. I have won beauty pageant titles. I can communicate in over 6 languages.

My top priority would be;

  • To listen to what matters to you. Raise awareness about how you can evaluate your wellbeing, making sure you get tailored guidance appropriate for you to overcome any struggles and help you can achieve your expectations.

  • Organise get-togethers to encourage communication among students. REMEMBER YOU ARE NEVER ALONE, you never know, you might connect and relate with others, building long-term friendships.

  • Lastly, help you make most of your university life, by providing guidance on how you can manage your personal and professional life, incorporating your hobbies, interests that inspire inner peace and happiness. A poll will be created every month to choose the activity most people favour.

I have previous experience in managing similar roles and I am excited to be your Welfare Officer, use my skills and experiences to assist in the best way possible to make your university life memorable.

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