Owain Gullam

Welfare Officer


This year has taught us to find a way to live with uncertainty whilst sometimes feeling like so much is out of our control. With this in mind, my manifesto points aim to help students see that there's so much to look forward to and enjoy, as well as to help groups and individuals take control of what seems out of reach. 

As your Welfare Officer;

  • I will lobby UPSU to review it’s relationship with letting agencies

    • UPSU needs to evaluate the way it advertises student letting companies that may not have student interests at heart. 
    • Seek to establish a student focus group that reviews student opinions on letting agencies and publish the results publically. 
  • I will endeavour to ensure that the UPSU creates campaigns incentivising participation in them. 

    • Students need to be made aware of the support that is available and made to feel that they can take control. 

  • I hope to encourage social interaction. 

    • Academic societies need to be allowed and encouraged to work directly with their courses to give new students as much of a university experience as possible. (This will make it easier for some societies to run as they'd be given additional support.) 

  • I will lobby UPSU to improve the resources for Clubs & Societies.

    • Being a committee member now is hard, if our committees are happy and successful, their members will feel the full benefit. 

    • Committees should be given a resource hub, with risk assessments, templates for events and collaborative ideas to ensure that our societies and clubs are making the most of being in the Union. 

    • The creation of a wellbeing toolkit to equip committee members with the resources they need for themselves and their members, encouraging the signposting of essential services in the university and around Plymouth. 

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