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Tonari Arikekpar

VP Education

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Hello, my name is Tonari Sophia Arikekpar, a current M.Sc. Biomedical science student.

I served as vice-president and President of my department during my B.Sc., and I was the post-graduate part-time officer at UPSU, last year. All these experiences have enabled me to connect with the struggles of the general student body with regards to finding that thriving school-life balance which now motivates my present campaign.

My manifesto points are:


As a results of the long-term effects of Covid, many students feel they have missed a significant part of their Uni experience and are having difficulty finding their place at university.

Although the university has structures in place to help with these issues, I will promote awareness of these resources to help students engage better with them and launch an accessible interactive platform to help find available support.


As an international postgrad student, and an active part of the present VP educations’ campaigns, I appreciate that a lot of students have felt underrepresented and isolated.

By serving as a direct link between students and the university, I will continue the support that has been given to Student Representatives, while working with them to increase awareness of available communication channels and opportunities to make the student voices heard.


While some of the schools within the university have excellent placement programmes, others are less so and this creates a system of disadvantage for diverse student groups. I will amplify the student’s voice in advocating the need for an equitable placement system where all individuals have access to fair placement opportunities and lobby the university to provide extra support especially for international students such as funding and mentorship.

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