SSTAR Awards

Student Staff Teaching And Representation Awards
Each year your Students' Union holds the prestigious SSTAR Awards (Student and Staff, Teaching and Representation). These awards recognise the many excellent University staff members and dedicated students we have here at the University of Plymouth. Highlighting the people that go the extra mile and make a difference, this is your chance to nominate them for an award.
Nominations Open: 13th January 2020
Nominations Close: 1st March 2020

What is it? Why is it important? And how do you nominate someone?

First things first; the SSTAR awards stands for Student Staff Teaching And Representation Awards. It’s a chance to say thank you to someone who has made a difference to your time at uni. Whether that’s an inspiring lecturer, a caring personal tutor, an active course rep, an individual who champions for equality and diversity or someone you just want to say a big thank you to.

Why is it important?

These awards are incredibly powerful, whether your nominee wins or not, your words can mean so much to that person. Because knowing you have made a difference for at least one person can really mean the world.

How do you nominate someone?

For students: Nominations are now open, scroll down and select an award category to submit your nomination today.

For university staff: Create a guest account on the website and then submit your nominations. If you experience any difficulty, contact us the student voice team. In a worst case scenario we would accept an email nomination.

And this year our awards will be given out in the winners communities whether that be in a seminar, lecture or offices so that we can really celebrate the person with those that have nominated them.

Millie Green - VP Education

Sustainability in the Curriculum Champion

This award celebrates academics who have equipped students with the knowledge, skills and attributes required to live and work sustainably.

Best Student-Led Representative Campaign

This award is given to an individual or group of students that has planned and delivered a campaign, making a positive change to the lives of students.

Best Placement Support

This award is for a member of staff who made a significant positive impact on your placement. This can be either a year out placement, part of your course, an internship, or summer placement.

Part-Time Officer of the Year

Part Time Officers are elected to represent particular groups or demographics of students to support them and make sure that their voice is heard at all levels across the university and Students’ Union.

Creative Teaching Award

This award is for somebody who thinks outside of the box when delivering the curriculum.

Course Rep of the Year

Course Reps are elected to represent the views of students on their Programme. This is awarded to a Course Rep who has gone above and beyond to ensure that the student voice is truly heard and acted upon.

School Rep of the Year

Schools Reps are elected to represent the views of students in their School, this can sometimes be a challenging role. A School Rep who listens to students and influences real change deserves recognition!

The Mel Joyner Award For Championing Equality and Diversity

This award is for an individual or individuals that really put equality and diversity at the heart of everything that they do.

Most Dedicated Project/ Dissertation Supervisor

Completing a large project or a dissertation can be one of the biggest sources of stress for a student so having a dedicated supervisor by your side to support and guide you is vital.

Postgraduate Supervisor of the Year

This award goes to a Postgraduate supervisor to recognise their contribution to your academic experience.

Inspirational Teacher

This award is for a staff member who shows passion and enthusiasm for teaching and inspires their students to be the best they can be.

Excellence in Championing Career Development

This award is for a staff member or a student who champions student employability and career development and to thank those who put students’ futures in the heart of everything they do

Most Effective Feedback

This award goes to an individual that enables students to progress by giving feedback that is effective and can be acted upon.

Outstanding Personal Tutor

Your Personal Tutor can often be a life-line during your time at University on all things academic and pastoral.

One in a Million Support Staff

Supporting students throughout their time at University can make a world of difference. Be it a staff member from Disability Assist, the UPSU Advice Centre, The Writing Café, PALS or elsewhere, these individuals can truly be one in a million.

Sensational Programme Lead

This award is for a Programme Lead who has made a recognisable difference to your experience within your Programme.

The Big Thank-You Award

This is awarded to anyone who makes the day-to-day experience of university for students and staff just that little bit better