Icons Award Winner 2021 - Tropical Island Society


Congratulations to The Tropical Island Society for achieving their Icons Award during a difficult year for student groups. You deserve it for all your work throughout the year! 



The UPSU Icons Awards celebrate our Sports Clubs and Societies that have gone above and beyond throughout this year. There are certain criteria each group has to complete to win their award which is then approved by the UPSU Sports and Societies Teams. This year we have seen so many amazing things happen throughout our student community, including the efforts of the Tropical Island Society.



Who are the Tropical Island Society:      


"Est. 03/2019

The Tropical Island Society is one of the University of Plymouth's diverse cultural societies.



• To promote a sense of pride & empowerment to students from the tropics.

• To provide a home away from home for all islanders at the University of Plymouth.

• To educate others so that they may learn to appreciate our cultures and lifestyles.


Everyone is always welcome and you DEFINITELY do not have to be from a Tropical Island to join!!!"


- Tropical Island Society


Committee Members behind the Society - 

  • Chair - Tsian Deslandes & Kelsey Parsons
  • Secretary - Remone Johnson &  Paige Mair
  • Treasurer - Camilla Labonte &  Jada Lee
  • Safety Officer - Marie L'etang &  Kelsey Parsons



Tropical Island Society Successes:


The Tropical Island Society has grown from strength to strength in a year like no other. They have reviewed, completed and signed off all relevant documents required by UPSU and uploaded them to their page on the SU website. At least one committee member has appeared at UPSU Society Forums throughout the year without missing more than three.

The society has successfully voted in their next committee during their Annual General Meeting (AGM) and submitted all the paperwork required to our Activities Coordinator along with other information throughout the year. TIS committee has attended all compulsory training provided and registered any trips, tours and events through the SU while demonstrating effective financial management with the society funds.


The TIS Committee has excelled at keeping consistent engagement with UPSU with vital emails and zoom calls with members of staff, they have hosted fortnightly socials for their members including a ‘let's talk about 2020’ debate social to talk about the hot topics of 2020 and the amazing ‘Night of Carnival’ a zoom event full of fun, activities and more in collaboration with the Design Society, Film Production Society and Diversity Business Incubator. Along with events and socials, TIS has produced a successful 'Meet the Committee' campaign on their Instagram account and held two fundraising events, ‘Spinning for Charity’ for British Heart Foundation and ‘Tropical Heroes’ with Plymouth Marrow!

The committee has taken pride in their effective communication with their members with regular meetings and keeping social media updated with plans for the year including an online introduction social for all members and non-members, the re-freshers event ‘Down for Debate: Valentines Edition’. The society has also fully supported the UPSU Elections season, one of the most important events of the year for Plymouth students, with 48.5% of its members voting for who they want to see representing them for the next academic year.



And last but by no means least, TIS has gained recognition from UPSU after being featured in a union news story ‘Tropical Island Society: Family Away from Home’ as well as the ‘Black History Month: Cooking with culture’ event run through the UPSU website collaboration with Fawzi, your VP Wellbeing & Diversity, during her Black History Month Campaign. The Tropical Island Society has worked closely with other societies such as Design Society, Film Production Society, Afro-Caribbean Society, Ghana Society and Nigerian Student Society to organise a joint event, 'The Carnival Mashup' in October 2020, which was a huge success. The Tropical Island Society has flourished this year during such difficult times and this award is so deserved.




Congratulations from all of us here at UPSU!

Tropical Island Society has been awarded their Icons for all the amazing work they have done over this year, voluntarily and on top of their own studies, this couldn't be more deserved and we can wait to see what you bring to your Students' Union next year! 





Stay tuned and keep an eye on our social media channels over the coming weeks to read a profile of each student group that has achieved Icons this year.

You’ll be able to find out more about what they did to receive this award and how you can get involved in September. 


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