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Design is all about ideas, creativity and the power of collaboration.

There needs to be people of similar interest coming together for there to be great work. Our society is built around the idea of a shared love for design and collaboration between all disciplines. We want to share this love as far and wide as possible. The sky’s the limit. Or maybe the 7thFloor of Roland Lewinsky (where we’re based). We love to exhibit our own work and show off all the talented people working together in the society. If the knowledge of peers isn’t enough then worry no more as we have many acclaimed professionals/guests come in pass on their knowledge to us through talks and workshops.

However, design doesn’t always need to be done in a serious space, we also like to discuss pressing design matters over a drink or two (many). Hey! What’s all work with no play?

Design society is a platform that allows our members to gain valuable contacts, design experience and a vibrant social life.



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