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UPSU Watersports

Studying in Britans ocean city gives you the amazing opportunity to get involved in a range of watersports in stunning locations. 

There is a range of ways to get involved in watersports during your time in Plymouth.  UPSU Watersports Clubs include;

  • Sailing & Powerboat
  • Yacht
  • Canoe
  • Rowing
  • Windriders (windsurf & kitesurf)
  • Stand-up Paddle Boarding 
  • Surf

Each club provides a range of opportunities for beginners and experts.  Take a look at their club pages for more information about each club.

UPSU also offers a range of one off watersports activities and courses for you to get involved in.  Take a look at the other watersports pages for more information!

Our aim is to get as many students as possible enjoying the amazing watersports opportunities available, please get in touch if you have any questions!

Rachael Ince

Watersports Coordinator

My main role at UPSU is to co-ordinate recreational watersports provision, working closely with Mountbatten Centre and other watersports providers to provide watersports opportunities for all students, clubs and their members.  My main aim is to get as many students as possible involved in watersports during their time in Plymouth.  You can find me in the Hive every day except Wednesday where I can be found at Mountbatten Centre.

Sam Waits

Watersports and Activities Manager

One of my key roles is working alongside UPSU’s water sports Officer to co-ordinate all of the UPSU water sports clubs. The Yacht Club, Wakeboard Canoe, Sailing and Powerboat Club, Canoe Club and Windsurf Club all run activity sessions for their club members from the Mount Batten Centre. Mount Batten and UPSU have forged a close working relationship, with the ultimate aim of student engagement in water sports through club and recreational opportunities.