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The Students' Union exists to represent students' interests both within the University and the wider community and campaigns on relevant local, national and international issues. We want to support students in creating the change they want to see. This is why we encourage autonomous student-led campaigning. We support students to campaign on issues that affect them through providing advice and guidance.

What is campaigning

Campaigning at the SU means working with others to make the lives of students better. With over 20,000 students, we have a strong and powerful voice which together, can make real change.

  1. Campaigning is about identifying the source of a problem, who has the power to change it, then mobilising and organising actions to influence or force the change you want to see.
  2. Campaigning is not raising awareness about an issue; it is about making tangible change to law, policy, behaviour or practice.

Our current campaigns:

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Wednesday afternoonsKeep Wednesday Afternoon Free

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48-Hour DLE48-hour Uploads to the DLE

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Module ClosuresImpact on modules closing at the University