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About us


Chair: Charly Abrahams

Vice Chair/Secretary: Jack Hughes-Jones

Treasurer: Tasha Marino

Coach: Harry Maishman

Coach: Josh Daniels

Health and safety: Thomas McKeown

Social Sec\Media Sec: Joanna Marian

Social Sec: Freddie Southwick


Plymouth Krakens University Dodgeball club is a relatively new club (we only started 6 years ago). We offer and friendly environment to students of all ages, genders and abilities. Your first session is FREE and if you bring a friend to any session then you and your friend can come for free ANY time in the year!

Our Training times are:

Wednesday afternoon 3-5 (Team orientated training to improve your skills as a dodgeball player and your teamwork) in Pitts Hall, Just opposite Robbins lecture theatre (£1). 

Fridays 3-4, Nancy Astor Sports hall (£3)

Sunday evenings 4-6 (Large tournaments and fun team games) the Nancy Astor Sports hall (£1).

We hope to see you there!


Not only is Dodgeball a great way to get active but we hold great socials too! We will be holding regular events every fortnight this year, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. We also aim to collaborate with other societies and even other dodgeball teams from different universities and have joint socials, which is a great way to meet new people! These events vary from nights out (like our annual farms and animals social) to bowling and even paintball, so theres something for everyone. We hope to see you all on the court and the dancefloor!


We are planning some huge events this year, which include, competing in both Mens and Mixed dodgeball leagues, one day tournaments and hosting multiple charity events.

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