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UoP Dodgeball become Southwest Champions

Written by: University of Plymouth Dodgeball Club

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On the 5th March 2023, the University of Plymouth Krakens dodgeball team travelled up to Tisbury, where they competed in a 12 team competition that included other Prem teams, including imperial, Warwick and Birmingham.

"Our group consisted of us, Imperial 2s and Bath. The team played amazingly only dropping 3 points in all 3 matches, meaning we progressed easily to the semi-finals where we faced Southampton 1’s.

A very back and forth game saw us progress 12-10 onto the finals where we would play season rivals Warwick, having drawn to them a few weeks earlier in bucs we knew it would not be an easy game. Some very good hits and catches from our players saw us win it in the last set 14-12. A very good day all around sees us become the champions of the Southwest." 




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