Module Closures


The University is committed to communicating any changes to you as early as possible, setting out clear information and options. We will take all reasonable steps to minimise disruption and to enable you to complete your studies as intended.

If this is not possible the university state they will offer alternative solutions e.g. changing programmes.


As a Student's Union, we are aware that a number of degree programme modules have been closing recently. We want to get an idea of the scale at which this is happening, and how many students it is affecting.

The SU is here to support and represent students, and we will use this tool to help us to ensure that the university is following the correct procedure (it's Student Protection Plan) for closing modules, so that students are getting as close to the degree programme that they applied for, and/or supported accordingly.


  • For all University staff to be made aware of the Student Protection Plan to ensure that it is being followed within their programmes.
If affected, please fill out this form