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Plymouth Night Patrol

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About Us? 

We are Plymouth Night Patrol, Plymouths award winning lifesaving team dedicated to emergency response and safeguarding in the night-time economy. Our volunteers receive extensive training allowing them to deploy, bi-weekly, onto Plymouths streets - safeguarding their peers on nights out. 

Interested in joining our diverse and responsive team. By becoming a Plymouth Night Patrol volunteer, you will gain a wealth of skills you never thought you would get out of your time at university. Our volunteers come from an extensive range of courses and backgrounds, brought together by a shared passion to make the cities student nightlife safe. 

When you join us as a volunteer, you will receive extensive welfare and care training to enable you to deploy as one of our officers within a team. All our teams are led by officers trained as ambulance first responders and the opportunity to complete this Level 3 qualification will be made available to new recruits (commitment dependent). 

Our volunteer officers provide an unrivalled level of service to the community and are part of a project that strives to make Plymouth the safest city it can for students to work, rest and play in. Volunteering with Plymouth Night Patrol is an experience unlike that of any other student group -an opportunity to directly save lives and be there when vulnerable people have no where else to turn. 

What Do We Do? 

  • Patrol core nightlife areas of Plymouth in teams of 2-3 engaging with students on nights out and making early interventions to assist vulnerable individuals. 

  • Respond to emergency calls from venues regarding vulnerable, unwell, or injured students. 

  • Provide emergency medical support to ill or injured individuals before the arrival of an ambulance. 

  • Support student victims of crime on nights out and provide a visible deterrent to prevent street crime occurring. 

  • Monitor the cities waterfront for safety issues, persons in trouble and disorder and escalate this to the relevant authorities where appropriate. 

  • Engage with students regarding safe behaviour on nights out including drug risk awareness, drink safety awareness and sexual assault support. 

  • Implement immediate safeguarding for vulnerable students including removing them from danger and separating intoxicated individuals from less intoxicated parties who may be trying to take advantage of them. 

  • Liaise with Police, Venues, Street Rangers and other teams to identify areas of vulnerability and improve the cities safety resource deployment 

Our Training 

We run fortnightly training sessions which both follows our training syllabus and provides CPD to our members. 

Core training available includes:

  • Scheme induction and ‘Casualty Care’ training, focusing on the core role requirements of being a PNP Student Support Officer. Includes mental health awareness, drug and alcohol care, operational procedures, manual handling and welfare support. 

  • Level 3 Award for First Responders. Our gold standard externally delivered qualification to become a PNP First Responder Officer, building on your skills as a Student Support Officer. This qualification will allow you to be the principle clinician within your team. Includes airway management, resuscitation, trauma care, medication administration, managing medical emergencies and working alongside ambulance clinicians. 

  • Regular scenario training building on your core skills and applying them to realistic examples of cases we deal with week in week out. 

  • Regular CPD evenings with external speakers from a range of backgrounds (ambulance, police, mental health services, drug and alcohol services) to allow you to progress and develop your skills and learning for your role. 


Once your core PNP Student Support Officer training is complete, its up to you how much you want to give to the society. Attendance at all training sessions is in no way mandatory however if you wish to be considered for training to the level of a First Responder Officer a certain level of commitment will be required. 

Is This Just For Student Healthcare Professionals?? 

Not at all!!! Plymouth Night Patrol is an inclusive scheme that welcomes volunteers from a range of backgrounds - in fact, the majority of our senior operations team and our members are not from a healthcare background! What brings us together is our drive to learn the skills and make a difference when it really counts. 


Is This Role For Me?? 

We won’t lie to you, being a Plymouth Night Patrol Officer can, at times, be stressful. Our shifts run overnight, with shift hours varying, but are usually around 4-5 hours in length. In this time, we often walk many miles even when the weather is not on our side. By the very nature of the role, we also deal with some difficult situations and difficult people. However, we make a huge difference to vulnerable people and occasionally our actions directly save lives. So why not join us, commitment free, for a taste of what our officers get up to and who knows, maybe you’ll be writing this piece for future years! 

Thanks for reading! Please get in touch if you have any questions and we look forward to welcoming you to our team. 



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Euan Crago
Safety Officer
Nathan Gallacher
David Martin
Nathan Gallacher


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