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Student Volunteering Week - Who is Plymouth Night Patrol Society?

Written by: Plymouth Night Patrol


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This Student Volunteering Week, Plymouth Night Patrol (PNP) is celebrating the hard work and dedication of our volunteer officers in their role keeping Plymouths streets safe.

Student Volunteering Week gives PNP the chance to celebrate the work we do. Everyone in PNP is a volunteer, from our Senior Leadership Team to our Volunteer Officers, this not only provides us with a passionate group of individuals but ensures we are all focused on giving something back. Making Plymouth a safer and more secure environment for the student population is our primary core value.

In the two years Plymouth Night Patrol has been operating, we have seen a lot of change occur. This has forced us to adapt and through doing so improve the service we proved as well as the experiences our officer’s encounter. Despite the COVID pandemic we have still been regularly deploying teams onto the streets of Plymouth in periods where clubs and bars have been open. Our officers follow the latest guidance, ensuring social distancing where possible and wearing PPE to protect the public and themselves. All our training has also moved online to ensure the safety of our officers, but still providing them with in-depth and engaging training so we are all working to a gold standard.




   Having led PNP for 2 years now I have really seen our members grow in confidence, I am very proud to work with all our volunteers  

Dave Martin – PNP Operations Coordinator



Since our first deployment in September 2019, we have dealt with 165 incidents, from calming upset or angry individuals to major medical emergencies. This has resulted in 10 ambulances being stood down in the last academic year alone. Demonstrating a commitment to another of our core values, to relieve pressure on the emergency services. This has become especially significant to us as an organisation since the start of the COVID pandemic, seeing the immense pressure the NHS is under has given our volunteers even more enthusiasm to help out wherever possible through our operations. We have also been strong advocates for the national vaccination program with some of our members already deployed across vaccination centres.

PNP offers a range of opportunities to students at the University of Plymouth. These include Welfare Officers, Medical Officers, Team Leaders, Senior Leadership Team and Control Officers. We also have an external clinical advice team comprising of ambulance and hospital staff who ensure we are all working to the best of our ability and skillset.

When clubs, bars and venues reopen expect to see our teams out on the streets. They are always on hand to help, whether signposting to mental health organisations, responding to emergencies or just being available to talk. Our officers are dedicated to creating the best outcome for every encounter we have.


Do you have an interest in pre-hospital medicine? If so, Para:Soc is the right society for you! We aim to provide...

Posted by Plymouth Night Patrol on Tuesday, 13 October 2020



   Plymouth Night Patrol allows me to actually apply the knowledge and skills I have learnt through first aid courses, whilst providing invaluable training on the go. At the same time, it provides a fun, safe, and social environment, with the chance to interact with likeminded people from across all years and courses at the university  

Euan Crago – Health, Safety and Logistics Officer


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