All inclusive, gender-neutral toilets on your university campus


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People deserve to feel safe in their own skin, down to using the bathroom, which is a basic human need.

If someone feels like they will be unsafe in a gendered restroom, using a gender-neutral restroom can be a big relief. It means they won’t be questioned on their ‘legitimacy’ of using a facility that helps a basic human need; with being questioned comes the fear of whether it will be one verbal remark or whether the danger will escalate.

Having gender-neutral bathrooms in a facility can also invite those who are able-bodied (and want to use them) to use them, freeing up the accessible bathrooms for those who need them.

As well as this, some restrooms may not include the appropriate resources people need. For example, most male restrooms do not contain sanitary bins, and obviously, it isn’t advisable to flush sanitary products.

For some, including me, it isn’t a conceivable choice to use the women’s restroom where sanitary bins are likely to be found, so it is a great comfort to know the gender-neutral bathrooms are there in that circumstance.



^ Bran Malloch (left) LGBT activist and student at University of Plymouth and Tilda Fraser (right) 2019/20 SU President at University of Plymouth


Luckily, at the university, there are multiple gender-neutral bathrooms across campus. You can find more information about these in the below links:

Here’s a list of all the gender-neutral toilets on campus, their locations, the floors, and how many there are in each restroom.

And here is a visual map of where you can find the toilets!

The following is a general campus map, for anybody who needs it!



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