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Jonah Zalick

Transgender & Non-Binary Officer


My name is Jonah Zalick and I use he/him pronouns. I ran for this position because I believe that trans and non-binary students at Plymouth University deserve to be heard, represented and referred to at a much better degree than they are presently.

I’ve been a tutor and prefect before and I was the team leader in most group projects at college; I have experience at uniting peoples’ voices and making them heard, while also being a healthy space for ideas and thoughts.

I’ve already made change at the university by communicating with them about their processes of addressing trans and non-binary individuals. This has already caused the university to adjust enrollment slightly, but much more needs to be done.

  1. I will lobby to the university about changing how they address trans and non-binary students. Being misgendered and deadnamed is profoundly distressing and I will try my hardest to see to it so that trans and non-binary students will experience this less.

  2. I will proudly elevate our trans and non-binary voices by relating them to the student union with no hesitance on being heard. 

  3. I will endeavour to link students with supportive resources (if requested), whether that be other faculty members or organisations.

  4. I will make it a definite point to engage in online contact with trans and non-binary students whether that be for casual chats or more in-depth discussions. Webcams/microphones will never be mandatory for conversation; I personally know that can be dysphoria-inducing. If I am scheduled on-campus that day, we can try to arrange a meeting. If the coronavirus threat level decreases I will become more flexible with arranging in-person meetings.

Thank you for reading my manifesto.

You’re welcome to contact me about my ideas at my student email, instagram and twitter.

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