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Student Elections 2021: The Results

Voting is now closed and the results are in.

On Friday 5th March at 6pm we announced the results for the Student Elections 2021. The Students Elections are an important time of year where the study body elects the leaders for next year. As a democratic and student-led organisation it is extremely important that the student body choose who leads them and the student body. 

Scroll down to meet your new Sabbatical Officer team for 2021/2022 and your new Accountability Board Members for the remainder of 2020/2021.

Watch the results announcement below:



Sabbatical Officer Elections

This year there were 11 candidates running for 4 positions. 1628 students cast 6076 votes. 

Full breakdown of rounds of voting

The results are as follows: 

VP Activities:
Number of votes cast: 1482
Votes required to be elected: 741

  • Madeleine Morton: ELECTED - 662 votes MANIFESTO
  • Obioha  Chukwunwike (Chuks) - 518 votes
  • Owain Gullam - 459 votes
  • Re Open Nominations - 9 votes


VP Education: 

Number of votes cast: 1366
Votes required to be elected: 683

  • Charlie Atkinson: ELECTED - 1255 votes MANIFESTO
  • Re Open Nominations - 111 votes

VP Wellbeing & Diversity:
Number of votes cast: 1305
Votes required to be elected: 652.5

  • Fawziyyah Ahmed: ELECTED - 649 votes MANIFESTO
  • Takudzwa Mawera - 328 votes
  • Alannah O'Neill - 315 votes
  • Re Open Nominations - 17 votes


Number of votes cast: 1527
Votes required to be elected: 763.5

  • Emi Dowse: ELECTED - 901 votes MANIFESTO
  • Martin Nicholls - 300 votes
  • George Burrows - 262 votes
  • Joseph Dasari - 58 votes
  • Re Open Nominations - 75 votes



Accountabilty Board Bye-Elections

In the Accountability Board Bye-Elections, 262 votes were cast.

Your two newly elected members of the Accountability Board are:

India Ellis - 134 votes MANIFESTO


Will Jones - 123 votes MANIFESTO