Candidate for the position of Member of Accountability Board

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India Ellis

Hello, my name is India and currently, I am the School Representative for LCG.
I’ve enjoyed this role massively and have achieved a lot;  I hope students in my School would agree that I have been very proactive in holding staff accountable and acting in their best interests. But this role has opened my eyes to issues I could correct and improve. For example, some roles have been overstepping their jurisdiction and societies and schools have not been electing representatives correctly.

My approach is very simple, I am straightforward, I always offer solutions when I raise an issue and I am fair, always considering both parties. As school rep I have been a part of reviewing many policies; the digital policy, fit to sit policy and I sat on the approval panel for the midwifery courses, from this I have developed a critical eye for policy and ask important questions the students want answers to.
From my experience as course rep, LCG school rep and an active society member I have a lot of knowledge of what the students want from their representatives and I have no problem raising issues if representatives are not acting in the interest of the people who put them there. As a Law student, I have a great appreciation for the rules and have the skills to scrutinise them effectively.

I will not be shy to say when someone is not following the UPSU or University policy or if something needs changing as I believe in rules that reflect the current student body. To make sure the university and UPSU are following policy I will be open to all students to make me aware of issues they feel unjust and I'll actively move to correct them. 

Thank you for reading and considering my application.