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Candidate for the position of President

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Emi Dowse

Hi, I'm Emi, and my pronouns are she/her.

This year I have served as your VP Education, working to amplify the student voice, ensuring students were listened to on the matters which mean the most to them, such as the safety net, extenuating circumstances and Clever Student Lets.

I am running for President because I want to empower students by giving them the tools and knowledge to support themselves during their university journey. I will use the valuable experience and connections I have gained as VP to create significant change for students.

As President, I will build upon the work I have done this year, keeping accessibility and inclusivity at the heart of everything I do.

If elected, I will endeavour to:

  • Increase understanding of the representation systems in place within the SU and how students can hold their representatives accountable and utilise them effectively. I will do this by creating an officer communications strategy and holding regular representative drop-ins sessions.
  • Run a campaign that aims to empower students about their rights within the University and the SU. I'll educate students about the complex processes in place by making them accessible and student-friendly. I'll create guides to teach students how to escalate issues in a way that will get a meaningful response.
  • Create a COVID comeback plan to address the pandemic's long-term effects and how it may impact students returning to campus. I will lobby the University to be transparent about what learning will be like in 21/22 and to put measures into place to help students reintegrate with face-to-face learning. Extra measures such as better mental health support, and additional support both for those sitting in-person exams and for those returning from placement years.

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