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Sabbatical Officers - What are you actually voting for?



It's elections time and the biggest opportunity in the year for students to use their voice for creating change. You get to decide who runs your Students' Union - Your vote is your voice!!

But what exactly are you voting for?

These elections will choose your new sabbatical team for 2021/2022. Your sabbatical officers set the direction for all representation at the university and work together to represent students in every aspect of your university experience.



Your SU President 

They set the tone for your union and lead your team, making sure that your voice is heard in the local, national and international community. They lead on national campaigns and represent students' best interests in local matters.

Meet your SU President candidates...




Your VP Education

They use your voice to enact change in the academic experience you have while at university. Through the representation structure, they ensure that academic staff hear what you have to say about what and how you learn and are involved in some of the highest decision-making committees at the university.

Meet your VP Education candidates...




Your VP Activities

They use your voice to make your time at university a rich and socially fulfilling experience. They support your Societies, Sports Clubs, Volunteering opportunities, Social Sports Initiatives, and Fundraising. They lead on BUCS and other competitive leagues and also work with the Sports Development team to organise Varsity. They also facilitate both the societies and sports forums. They root for you in everything from competitions to funding committees - students' number one fan!  

Meet your VP Activities candidates...




Your VP Wellbeing and Diversity

They make sure that every voice can be heard, amplifying those who may have been marginalised, historically oppressed or outnumbered and speaking up for you when you might not be able to speak up for yourself. They work with the University’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Team to highlight and celebrate the diverse students we have here in Plymouth - loud and proud! 

Meet your VP Wellbeing and Diversity candidates...




But the Sabbatical Officer role doesn’t end there...

They lead the wider representation of UPSU. Your Course and School reps are supported by a sabbatical officer as the lead rep for your faculties. They also support your elected Part-Time Officers in enriching every part of the student experience; whether you are a mature student, a member of the LGBT+ community, have a faith or a belief, or are passionate about environmental and or welfare issues.



Voting is now open and closes at noon on Friday 5th March.

You don’t need to vote for all roles at once, you can come back to the voting pages throughout the week, and we will be running daily hustings to give you chance to get to know the candidates a little better and what they can offer to your union.


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