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Before The New Normal - Student Minds Society: Self Care Evening

Written for: Student Minds Society


On Thursday 5th March 2020, Student Minds Society at University of Plymouth hosted a Self Care Evening for University Mental Health Day at the Students Union.


The event was a great success and was amazingly sponsored by Amano Student Support which was great as it allowed the event to be completely free. 

Main Room:

^ There was a table set up with different Essential Oils for people to try out and see which smells they liked along with some cotton pads. It was lovely to see people reading about the benefits of each one and smelling them all. 

^ One table had colouring and art set up and everyone loved sitting down and doing some colouring, this was a very busy station. 

^ Sarah from Massage Solutions joined us to give hand massages to people at a table, everyone loved this and she didn’t stop all evening! 

“Tea and Talk” area - we were lucky enough to be able to use the SU urn and we had cake very kindly donated by Boston Tea Party which went down a treat! Everyone loves a good tea and cake. 

Art Society joined us with a table for people to make their own coasters, this proved very popular and they ran out of coasters! 

Student Minds provided people that came with wellbeing packs to take away from the event, including a snack, tea and lots of leaflets about different places to get help, these had all disappeared by the end of the night. 

The SU Gym had a small stand giving people information about the free classes happening that week.

LGBT+ Society was also there to give people information about their society. There was a facemask station with facemasks for people to try out, these disappeared very fast! 

Little Room:
We had mediation followed by yoga in the little room.

Meditation Society supported us with this and it was a huge success.

Yoga was done by Lucy Freeman which also proved popular. 

“My passion lies in making yoga both accessible and relevant. In the recognition that every body is unique, I aim to honour the needs of the individual whilst creating space to become inquisitive about the body and our moment-to-moment, fluctuating relationship to ourselves"

Lucy Freeman, Yoga Teacher

Overall a very successful event for Student Minds

Find out more about the Student Minds Society here and through their social media  

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