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Welcome to Plymouth University Meditation Society 2021/22

At the Meditation Society, we inspire students to practice meditation, as we believe that you can receive health and wellbeing benefits by meditating. We will teach you how to meditate, a skill that allows you to have higher states of awareness and focused attention. Meditation is like a muscle that needs exercising, but over time, with the right practice and dedication, you can start to improve the relationship with yourself and the world around you. Scientific evidence suggests that by engaging in meditation, you can experience improved health and wellbeing, such as reduced stress & anxiety, and better emotional health. We welcome all Plymouth students to join us for our weekly meditation sessions, whether you are an absolute beginner or have previous experience.


  • To inspire students to practice meditation for health and wellbeing benefits.
  • To create a safe and harmonious social environment, where students can enjoy discussing the meditations.
  • To allow discussion of spiritual beliefs from a variety of cultures, encouraging students to live a life with deeper meaning.

We will achieve the aims by:

  • Providing a friendly and fun space that welcomes any student interested in learning meditation, regardless of previous experience.
  • Hosting weekly meditation sessions from a variety of cultures, with the chance for discussion and reflection during each session. Meditation sessions are currently held on Tuesdays at 7pm.
  • Getting guest speakers and videos of gurus in some sessions.
  • Explaining the science behind meditation, with talks from leading neuroscientists included in some sessions, facilitating students to make changes within their lives.
  • Hosting other activities alongside traditional meditations including yoga, watching spiritual movies, going for mindful walks, cooking & eating spiritual food, engaging in Kirtan (an Indian cultural tradition), plus much more!

Social media:

Like us on Facebook – Search @PlymouthUniMeditationSociety

Join our Facebook group (for members, please join once you have purchased a membership)

Follow us on Instagram – Search plymmeditationsoc

Committee members:

Chair – Isabel Saxby

Vice-Chair – Stephen Pilton

Secretary – Ellie O'Keeffe

Safety Officer – Victor Watts

Treasurer – Ellie Waghorn

Although our committee is fully covered, we can create new committee roles for enthusiastic and passionate students wanting to join us. Becoming a committee member allows you to develop leadership skills, deepen your knowledge of meditation, and have increased confidence, all whilst improving the society for other students. Please get in contact with the committee if you are interested in a committee position!


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Isabel Saxby
Safety Officer
Victor Watts
Eleanor O'Keeffe
Ellie Waghorn


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