Plymouth University Meditation Society

Plymouth University Meditation Society



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Safety Officer
Natalie Colman

About us


Welcome to the Meditation Society!

Extensive media coverage has led to meditation becoming a mainstream activity. The meditation society aims to demystify meditation by providing support and encouragement to people who want to learn to meditate or establish and deepen their meditation practice. 

Within the society, we offer weekly meditation sessions for all experience levels, weekly yoga classes, socials, competitions and retreats.

All meditation sessions are free for members, while our yoga classes go for £3 per session with reduced price bundle options to be purchased on the UPSU website.

Competitions we host include best Yoga mat designs to silly ideas like the longest time holding a certain yoga pose! 

we aim to be a welcoming and relaxed society wanting only to provide a safe space for people to find some peace, relaxation and enjoyment during their time at university and after studies.

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