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Plymouth University Meditation Society

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Welcome to the Meditation Society!

Extensive media coverage has led to meditation becoming a mainstream activity. The meditation society aims to demystify meditation by providing support and encouragement to people who want to learn to meditate or establish and deepen their meditation practice. 

We are not gurus or speakers, we will not impart some devine revelation or grant you superpowers. We will merely teach you and ourselves the peace in your breath, the power in your thoughts or lack thereof, and to simply be ..... Present. There are a variety of different practices and methodologies to practicing meditation and our aim is to encourage us all to experience the different types and learn of ourselves and each other, from guided breath awareness to a body scan to relax the muscles. Please be assured we are not going to be preaching any ideologies or imposing you to think a certain way. We all just want to be here to build the foundations of truth that sit within us so that we may view that world but most importantly, ourselves with love and kindness.

Within the society, we offer weekly meditation sessions for all experience levels, weekly online yoga classes, socials, mindful walks and retreats. Due to Covid, many of these might be online, in rooms where we are seperated into groups so there are no more than 6 per group or a variety of other methods we will employ to keep everyone safe.

All meditation sessions are free for members, while our yoga classes go for £3 per session with reduced price bundle options to be purchased on the UPSU website at a later date. However if we are doing it online for the first semester, it will be for free from the comfort of our homes but the service charge may come into effect in second semester when we have a trained yogi with us in person. We will endeavour to always keep you upto date and in the loop while also trying to break out of the loop.

We are not aiming but are a welcoming and relaxed society wanting only to provide a safe space for people to find some peace, relaxation and enjoyment during their time at university and after studies. While it might be daunting to join another society, you can rest assured that we will accept you with open arms and a loving heart as we have all been through tough times and have stories.

As always, an abundance of peace and blessings

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Anwarul Ahmadi
Safety Officer
Samuel Dallimore
Elizabeth Gilmour
Brandon Barnard


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