RAG Presents their Charity Halloween Zombie Escape

Written by: Raise and Give (RAG) https://www.upsu.com/raiseandgive/


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RAG (Raise & Give) hosted an event that was a Halloween "zombie escape" which featured volunteers from the Amateur Dramatics Society dressed up as zombies and performing multiple locations across the city. It was set up as a scavenger hunt, where all participants started at Rolle on campus and got clues to find the other hiding spots around the city where the "survivors" were, surrounded by zombies.

Participants had to find all the survivors to "save the world". They had people of all ages take part, both children and adults participated, although the main crowd was students from the University of Plymouth. Overall they had over 70 people participating and raised over £300 for their chosen charities, which they were very happy with.



"Considering all the different venues we used as well as the number of volunteers and participants, this event would not have been able to run as smoothly as it did had it not been for the hard work of Freya (events coordinator) and all of the amazing volunteers that showed up! I am so happy with how the event turned out, and it was all so well organised it seemed like a professional event!"


- Tove-Kjerstin Vea, RAG President 



The afterparty was in Revolution where they announced the winners of the best dressed (fancy dress) and the winning team (both fastest and depending on if they used extra clues or not). It was a huge success with many volunteers and participants, and they also had good help from the Business Society and Amateur Dramatics society when it came to promoting the event.

Feedback from a participant who was at the event said it was  "very well put together". The participants were heard and seen screaming, giggling, hiding, and laughing all throughout the scavenger hunt and it was a fun day filled with good vibes!





"I can't begin to explain how amazing this experience was. I was elected as VP Events for Raise and Give at Plymouth University to host events that will raise money for three incredible charities. SenseCoppafeel and Ocean Conservation Trust.

This was my first event which was Zombie Escape! I dreamt big and wanted to host an event where teams had to find survivors hidden in the city using clues, whilst avoiding zombies along the way. I planned it for months and months and I could never have imagined it would be as successful as it was! That is all thanks to the AMAZING support I received from venues such as the Theatre Royal, Old Beckley, The Old Dairy, Revolutions, and the SU, the committee members at Raise and Give, the volunteers from societies at the university, theatre companies in Plymouth and random volunteers who gave their time to help with makeup, promoting the events and helping me pull off this vision id had for months!

It is also thanks to ALL the participants who took part and helped us raise £301 on our first event! I couldn't be happier and thank you so so much to everyone! Now on to our Great Gatsby Party!"


- Freya Pretty, RAG VP Events


Congratulations to everyone who was involved in this spooky but successful event and well done for raising an incredible £301 for charity. 


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